Little Girl Photographs Adolescent Blobsquatch

Guess what? Not only do adults take bad fuzzy photos of cryptoids, but now it seems kids do as well. At least that what we’re led to believe by this latest alleged picture of Bigfoot.

It all took place in Wunnumin Lake, Ontario when a little girl was out frolicking with her friends and of course when you go to the lake for an outing you naturally bring your I-Pod along because, come on! What could there be to do outside?

Apparently she was lagging behind the group and happen to see the little guy, who likely just wanted to join in the fun.

Here’s the story from Wawatay News:

Wunnumin Lake’s mysterious Bigfoot family

Through the years and through verbal stories passed on from ancestors within the area known as Wunnumin Lake, there have been tales and legends of beings not entirely human being sighted and being in contact with local folk.

Over the past few years there have been sightings and evidence of a mythical creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

A few years ago a group of three young women were blueberry picking in a spot where it is not easily accessible for any machine to travel. Suddenly a large rock came crashing near where they were picking.

One of them was sitting a little ways away and they went to ask her if that was her who did that.

She was perplexed and asked if they were playing games with her. They realized that “someone” threw a rock at them with no one even close by, and ran from the area knowing it might be a Sasquatch.

Another sighting was near the gravel pit a few years ago when someone saw a glimpse of a tall, hairy creature standing at the gravel pit but only for an instant as they were driving by.

Another time a sewage truck driver was making an early evening deposit out past the airport (it was dark already) when he spotted some huge person or something coming towards him on the road.

The smell was getting worse, not from the sewage but from the creature. He made a u-turn and came back.

A few years ago a young lady was jogging back from the airport road when a truck drove by and a piece of paper or wrapper flew off.

A bear was nearby and the bear went to inspect what flew off. She kept on running when suddenly from out of the bushes a hairy looking human form emerged and he was focused on the bear without seeing the jogger.

When the creature looked up and saw the jogger he took off and went crashing among the trees very fast.

The stench from the creature was that of a wet dog smell. The jogger was shooken up but continued running hoping someone would drive by. This was near the boat landing area on the east side and in the middle of the afternoon.

During the summer of 2011 a person was getting clean water from up the road with his son when he heard some kind of scream or grunt and it started to smell, a smell he described as like a wet dog.

They left the area and did not mention anything about it for two days. When the news came out, other people went there to check and found evidence of footprints and of a poplar tree debarked high on the tree.

Pictures were taken of two sets of footprints around the tree. One was size 15 and the other size 20.

Each stride was measured at approximately five feet apart and left and right footprints were visible in the mossy area.

So far this is the strongest evidence of a possible Bigfoot in the area. The poplar tree was done with precision, as if a human had done it himself, but it was debarked at least 10 feet from the ground.

This summer, in August of 2012, a little girl and her friends were just coming out from the beach and were walking in a little clearing.

She was lagging behind when she spotted something or someone standing there. She hid and had enough presence to take a snapshot with her ipod of the little hairy creature before that thing walked off into the underbrush.

It was two days before she finally told her mother of what she saw and of the picture she took. Since then that picture has been circulating around the internet.

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This is not that hard to believe, after all, the Lake community leader Gordon McKoop does claim there is a family of these hairy varmints living around the lake. I don’t know about you, but when some guy named McKoop talks, I listen!….OK, maybe not, but I do raise my eyebrow to fein interest…OK, I don’t do that either.

You think the little guy ran back to his mom Bigfoot and threw a tantrum because he didn’t have an I-Pod?

Little Bigfoot: Whakka whoo gigglygoo gwomp?
Translation: Mom, can I have an I-Pad, can I?, can I?, can I?

Mom Bigfoot: NO!
Translation: NO!

Little Bigfoot: Whiggy nicky tootie tum te grup, sick and cool, Whoo gigabite blopity bloo
Tanslation: I want one so bad and I won’t ask for another thing as long as I live, they are so sick and cool, gimmie one or I’ll throw a fit!

Little Bigfoot throws himself to the ground crying and flailing his arms and legs.

Mom Bigfoot: Willie Wonka gumpy jucado, tumba frack, kick ass, cloop kwoppa caw!
Translation: Get up off that ground or I’ll give you something to cry about!

Little Bigfoot: Dooka fudgie crinkle doogie howser gumbull!
Translation: I never get nuthin!

Mom Bigfoot: Donga quickie Obama? glunee floop chigger doo!
Translation: I don’t know what money is, but I’m sure it doesn’t grow on trees! Not to mention, we don’t even exist!

Thanks to the good people over at Wawatay News for this fun family story.

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