Strange Objects Above Gilroy, California

Posted by Xavier Ortega | September 17, 2012 31



It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a UFO video worth putting up on GhostTheory. Most of the videos that make it to my desk inbox are so obviously fake or easily explainable. This new video from Gilroy, California just doesn’t seem to fit in those two categories. When I see a video that shows a string of lights floating high up in the sky I immediately assume they are lanterns or flares. Trust me, I’ve seen my share of these videos. In fact, I live only a mile or two from Chinatown in Los Angeles and get to see the lanterns float by my place every so often. Their distinguishable fiery glow can be seen from a distance.

On Wednesday September 5th, 2012, residents of Gilroy witnessed a strange series of bright (white) lights traveling in a single-line flight pattern. No FAA-required blinking red lights are visible.

So what do the sharp-eyed readers have to say about this video?

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31 Responses

  • BieberHole69

    pretty gnarly

  • Rmon

    Interesting video. They seem to come from one spot, all going in the same direction, not making strange movements. What i don’t get is why he says “look at how fast they go!” cause I was about to think “look at how slow they float!”.. But that’s just me.
    *come in Nobbles.. 😉

  • BieberHole69

    i didn’t get why he kept repeating how fast they were going.

  • The Oshmar

    When he turns to the left it looks like a dusk/dawn time of day, so it could be the objects (most likely planes) are catching the sunlight and making them stand out a lot more and aren’t actually running lights at the time.

  • Rmon

    I doubt they were planes though..

  • BieberHole69

    I was thinking the same thing. And am I the only one who thought the sky got a lot darker in those short 3 minutes?

  • lgranados

    Looked like birds I think they said it was not UFOs later in the week

  • Solution

    These lights have the appearance and consistency of tactical military aircraft. What is not similar are the lighting patterns and the omission of engine noise. I could hear the report of a jet in the background, but I doubt these lights were the source. If these were tactical fighters, there would have been an unmistakeable and substantial engine noise. Odd…

  • Valkyrie13

    I saw pretty much the exact same thing about a year and a half ago. There were 2 spheres that I thought were emitting an orange glow, but once the sun was low enough I realized they were spheres with no lights. It was bizarre. I thought it might be some surveillance tool of a real estate developer because it was over some land behind us that was to be developed (that was also the site of a murder-suicide a number of years before). They were going back and forth over that land. I have no idea what they were or what these are.

  • Rmon

    I always wonder how people can judge the distance. How did you do that?

  • Valkyrie13

    I should’ve said they ‘seemed to be’ going back and forth over that land, I don’t really know. It was only a best guess as there wasn’t much to judge by. There was an airport maybe 10 miles as the crow flies, and they were definitely before that because I could see planes coming in to land way beyond them. The only thing I could make sense of was that it was some remote controlled thing used by land surveyors, though I have no idea if anything like that exists. I got bored watching from my yard so I took my dog for a walk to see better, but by the time I’d passed a couple houses they’d disappeared.

  • RJ

    Interesting, they seem to be heading towards the setting (I assume setting cause the kids are up and when I was that age I would never be up that early even if you paid me.) sun. In the book “Unconventional Flying Objects” by Paul R. Hill (A highly recommended book as well), he gives an fascinating theory as to why some UFOs might do that.

    And as an aside: That annoying little brat should STFU about Rapunzel!

  • JS353535

    LOL!! Agreed.
    More importantly, I find it pleasantly fascinating that you are even aware of the book “Unconventional Flying Objects” It’s one of (if not THEE) best books ever written about the topic, hands down. Keep reading and researching this topic, there is MUCH to be learned, and much of it is grounded 100% in tangible (known) science.

  • Valkyrie13

    I took a cursory look at his book on Amazon but couldn’t find why UFOs might fly toward the setting sun. Care to give me a rundown? I’m dying to know.

  • Valkyrie13

    PS I will eventually get around to reading the book… I promise.

  • l o

    High atmosphere charged plasmas caused by Solar Flares.

  • heather

    swamp gas? lol

  • WHAT IF?

    At one point when he is panning right you see the only cloud in the sky, and there is lightening. Maybe it’s all linked, I don’t know, not even sure we have been visited.

    off topic:
    What if the Mayan knew about E T life, the 2012 end of the world calendar maybe an invasion, and all these recents sightings are linked to that…. What if?

  • Why do spaceships need lights?

  • Valkyrie13

    Maybe they don’t need lights, but happen to emit them from whatever power source they use.

  • That is a good response. However, why do exceedingly few daylight sightings include lights? I presume the craft are still under power during the day.

  • Valkyrie13

    Maybe they’re only visible at night? It’s all very mysterious.

  • Lights are visible during the day. Many cars run their headlights at all times now (in states such as Minnesota, it is the law).

    Perhaps the spacecraft don’t need lights during the day, only at night. Which brings us back to my original question.

  • Valkyrie13

    Perhaps the spacecrafts use technology that is different from headlights, that operate on a spectrum so the lights are only seen at night. I don’t know. None of us do. There are a lot of gray, murky areas where things don’t make sense, that’s what makes life not boring.

  • What form of energy is luminous at night but invisible during the day?

  • Valkyrie13

    I don’t know. But the thing is, a ton of people have seen strange lights at night, and often not during the day. Nobody can explain why, so I’m open to anything.

  • Rmon

    One reason might be that at night it is much more noticeable.

  • Are you open to the idea that airplanes and helicoptors use lights at night but not during the day?

  • Valkyrie13

    I’ve lost track of this conversation. When I said strange lights I meant strange lights, but not sure what’s being discussed here anymore.

  • productofaliens

    wheres the actual video for this. link me please?

  • MyndHold

    Last night – 09/16/13, I saw strange lights floating in the sky to the south east of where I live. 5-8 floating fiery globes, rising and falling in the sky. As it was a year almost to the day it is reasonable to assume that the events are related.

    When I called the police, dispatch indicated that they were lanterns.

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