Bigfoot IPO

Bigfoot IPO

You now have the rare opportunity to own a piece of the revelation of proof of the existence of Bigfoot.

From the Humbolt County (California?) Craigs List

“Your chance to own stake in “Bigfoot discovery”. – $190 (montana)

Date: 2012-09-12, 9:31PM PDT

I found “Bigfoot” North Central Wyoming. I have seen evidence of them including hundreds of tracks, two 5 foot away encounters from two squatch. Not only are these things dangerous, they will eat you when prevoked.

There is a small window to exploit this finding for cash. Soon the science books will be re-written. After it becomes main stream, intrest will decline sugnificantly.

I have hundreds of images of tracks, clearly visable from google earth right now.

I also have about 5 images of actual “Sasquatch”. One leaning over eating a fresh kill. He measures 8.9 feet from the crown of his head to the crack of his butt. The other is sitting on two flat stacked rocks and appears to be beating his chest.

This is a turn key “investment” oppurtunity. Every kid in the world would want to see bigfoot for himselve. with the coordinants in the images, this makes an e-book platinum sellar as every kid would want to see for themselves bigfoot right on google earth. A film would be possibe, I can get thermal images with investors equipment.the possibility is endless.

This is an oppurtunity to buy a 49% stack in all residual monies from this disscovery. The cost is $190,000.00 dollars

*Location: montana
*it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

All you need do to invest is send your payment by cashier’s check along with your Social Security number and bank account info to an ousted Nigerian Prince who is in hiding in Switzerland so when the money comes rolling in it can be direct deposited to you!
Hurry! Take advantage of this limited time offer! Our operator are standing by

Okay, Google Earth does not have the resolution to see footprints, unless Street View has much broader reach into the wilds of, let’s see; is it Montana, Central Wyoming, or Northern California? And why would thermal images be more valuable as proof than simple visible light photography? I should think if you want to invest, get on it quick because at 8.9 feet (?) from the crown of his head to his but crack, which is nearly 8 foot 11 inches, that makes a bigfoot around 16 feet tall overall. The NBA is going to be all over that!

Teen Wolf

So for the protection of the more discerning GT readers, send your money orders made out to CASH to:

And I will act as agent in this once in a lifetime investment opportunity…
from my offices in the Cayman Islands.