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Bigfoot Evidence posted the following image on their website along with a few paragraphs of information about it. Apparently a hunter known on Facebook as Hardcore Outdoors found some strange human-like tracks near his campsite. The tracks measure thirteen inches long, which to Bigfoot standards is fairly small. The obviously interesting part of this photograph is the smaller, child-size footprint next to it. Notice the deep impression that the bigger print left in the mud.

Hardcore Outdoors

If I hadn’t seen this myself I’d NEVER have believed it! We parked the boat on the west bank of an old slough this past Friday evening about a mile from our very secluded camp, hunted, killed the hog I posted a pic of that same night, drug the hog out & went back to camp. That night the temperature went from 79 degrees to about 45 degrees with 40pmh gusting winds all night long, there was a man with his wife & young grandson that were camped next to us but they were fishing & I know for a FACT they never left camp that night because I was sleeping close to our boats. Saturday morning we fought the wind & waves up the cove & into the same slough from the night before, parked the boat in the same spot & there were these tracks. Whoever or whatever left these tracks waded across the slough in about knee deep water in the middle of the night in 45 degree weather in their bare feet, the tracks were very visible across the shallow water all the way up onto the bank till it hit gravel & they were gone. They were NOT 15 to 18 inches long like I’ve always heard but were about 12 to 13 inches long but the tracks were pressed deep into the mud, my buddy Shawn was with me & he is 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 385 pounds & wears a size 14 boot & he couldn’t push his foot that deep in the mud beside the tracks! Another thing about these tracks is that the right foot seems to be missing the little toe, I SWEAR I didn’t pay much attention to the little track next to it till I got it on my computer just now. I sent it to a good friend who is also one of my cameramen last late night via cell phone & he asked me about the little track & I told him it looked like the rear foot of a raccoon. Now, on the bigger computer screen it looks like a miniature version of the big track! I can’t honestly say what I think about this but here’s the pic & the real story behind it, you be the judge! — with Bigfoot Evidence, Alisa Miller and Brad Hunt Crawford.

The photograph clearly shows a foot print. Whether it’s a hoax or Sasquatch we will probably never know. There are as many hoaxes as there are footprints and eyewitness testimonies of the elusive creature.

This is the great Bigfoot paradox.

  • surf

    The photo shows a footprint shape that clearly wasn’t made with a walking foot that would have first placed increased pressure on the rear, then the front causing deformation

  • ghosttheory

    I agree. looks suspiciously clean.

  • The Oshmar

    So, a normal sized foot print, and “there was a man with his wife & young grandson that were camped next to us”, me thinks the guy and his wife might have made the prints while trying to get some quiet alone time probably why he didn’t notice them sneaking around.
    Also I don’t think I’ve seen a “bigfoot track” with a missing toe, but I know that plenty of people around the world are missing toes.

  • TheGunslinger

    If there was a missing pinky toe the remaining toes would be more spread apart and not cramped together like in the pic. Like already mentioned though it looks too clean to be genuine.

  • JamyKelley

    If that’s a bigfoot print, then my cousin is a bigfoot. His foot is bigger than my car rims (15s) and is well over 6 feet tall.

  • BPD in the house.

    Was the juvi walking between his legs? Two right footprints next to each other like that is weird.

  • Solution

    It wasn’t made with the walking foot of a human. It is suspected that Bigfoot is extremely flat footed and walks with a compliant gait, or deliberately flatfooted. With each step the foot contacts the ground evenly, with out the rolling of the foot, as humans do.

  • Valkyrie13

    Beloved Punk Drummer, that was my first thought, but I figure the little one was walking behind or something. But pretty dang convenient that they are right next to each other for a great photo.

  • Valkyrie said my name! EEEEEEEEK!!! 😀

  • Oh and I’m stupid. I guess they didn’t have to be put there at the same time :/

  • Valkyrie13

    Mmmmm, you like that?


  • Rmon

    I cannot spend more than 1 serious second of thought on this piece of crap. Yes, I am saying things how they are.

  • I’m still thinking about it!