Here’s Looking At You!

Here’s Looking At You!

When we dream of being the one to find that keystone piece of evidence of a cryptid, there is usually a body of some sort associated with the glorious event.

Perhaps a great story of being chased by Bigfoot through the woods and leading him into some sort of live trap.

Maybe plunking your line into the Loch for nice piece of salmon for dinner (sturgeon has too many bones and tastes like mud) and having Nessie take your fish just as you are reeling it in and take you for a ride over to Uruqhart Castle where everyone can see you water skiing past.

Or Finding a Cupacabra stuck in the fence around Grandma’s chicken coop.

Not so for an as yet unnamed man walking along the beautiful beaches of Pompano Beach in South Florida.
What did he find?

Oh, you guessed…A giant eyeball.

From the Huffington Post

“This is definitely an unusual situation, where an eye would be found independent of any other body part,” she said.

Later in the day, an FWC employee came to pick up the blue-and-purple-colored eyeball and put it on ice. It will be shipped to the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Center in St. Petersburg, where staffers hope to make an identification.

“It will probably take a little while to identify the eye,” Segelson said.

I am going to say it again…A giant eyeball!

Okay, I’m done with that now. Very probably this is a giant squid eye, as they have the largest eyes of any creature on Earth. Blue whales are the largest creature in the sea and their eye is about the size of a small tea cup, less than half the size of this. And while we do know that Architeuthis exists from beaks and injuries to the whales who eat them, they were at one time a cryptid and it is always nice to see one of the oldies but goodies making news now and again. What seems odd about this to me is that both Blue Whales and Architeuthis are deep water creatures, not found in warm coastal waters so this eye had to float a long way to get to the beaches of Florida.

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A Giant Eyeball!
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