Extreme Expeditions: Cloaked Figure Caught On Camera. Sasquatch?

Extreme Expeditions: Cloaked Figure Caught On Camera. Sasquatch?

Adam Davies and the rest of the Extreme Expeditions team has capture something have captured something interesting on one of their trail cameras. If you guys have been following GhostTheory for some time you will remember Davies’ name being mentioned before.

Adam Davies is the man behind some of the most interesting expeditions that I’ve recently come across. The Orang Pendek expedition, the Mokele-mbembe expeditions to name a few. To much of the team’s frustration, something strange appeared on camera after they had retired for the night while camping.

The following images show a strange unaccounted for figure that’s squatting by a bench, reaching for some object.

I took the liberty to enhance the images for a bit more clarity. This first image shows the campfire and some sleeping material (sleeping bag?). Near the white bundle, you can clearly see a pair of boots. Next to them is the bench that’s littered with canteens, water bottles, and other objects.

The next image shows a dead campfire and the same bench with bottles on top. You can clearly see that a bulky figure appears in between the smoldering fire and bench. Someone or something has wrapped itself with the sleeping material and their movement was captured by the trail camera.

The expedition team has looped the trail camera footage and uploaded it to YouTube for us to take a look:

Here is a comparison shot they took in the morning to show the scale of the mysterious nightly intruder.

Even with the image enhancement magic that I did, it still doesn’t tell us much. We can clearly see a body –possible humanoid– that’s hunkered down in between the fire and the bench. If we were to take the team’s word, no team member was responsible for this.

Full article and image source: Extreme Expeditions
Unknown “creature” captured on trail camera

An international team has returned from investigating the creature known as Sasquatch with a clear image that two world experts have been unable to identify.

The image and accompanying 1 sec film clip was taken by a trail camera in the team’s camp at approx. 02:30 on Tuesday 4th September 2012 in the North Cascades National Park, Washington State, an area renowned for Sasquatch activity.

The team spent two weeks in the area and although they experienced a plethora of “associated” Sasquatch activity, rock-throwing, screams, unexplained noises, they objectively could not say what these incidents were caused by. The image, however, shows an unidentifiable object situated between an extinguished campfire and two team members who were sleeping outside unaware.

The image and film clip were sent to Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University and to Ian Redmond O.B.E., a field biologist for investigation. Despite thorough analysis they have been unable to come to any conclusion on the evidence presented – but neither have they disregarded it as fake or immediately explainable.

Notes for Editors:

Extreme Expeditions Ltd (EE Ltd) who organised and participated in this expedition comprises field researchers Adam Davies and Andrew Sanderson, who have conducted worldwide research into unknown creatures for the last 14 years, most notably the Orang Pendek in Sumatra.

The team joined with Lori Simmons, whose father, the late Donnald Wallace researched Sasquatch in this area over a period of 28 years, an area she regularly continues to investigate.

The remainder of the field team comprised: Dave Archer, who has been on a number of field expeditions and saw the Orang Pendek in 2009 – one of only a handful of Westerners to have seen this creature in the last 50 years. Tim de Frel, on his second expedition with EE Ltd. Jackie Tonks and Simon Mellor are personal friends on their first expedition with EE Ltd.

Check out Extreme Expeditions for more details.

It seems like some sort of prank, or maybe a case of sleepwalking that was caught on camera. It’s obvious that there is a figure there, but a Sasquatch? It’s highly unlike the behavior that we’ve come to associate Sasquatch with.

Adam Davies has had an outstanding reputation in the Crypto-community so far. So if this is just a hoax, why start now? Maybe this was done without his knowing? Maybe this is a ghost? Who knows. I need more coffee.