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I’ve been watching this story unfold for a couple of days, not sure if I trusted it or not. However, this morning, I saw it reported by one of my favorite sites, Inexplicata, which has always shown to be reputable. While it could still be a hoax, at least the odds go down somewhat.

That said, I decided to go ahead and post this story.

The live feed to the Popocatepetl volcano is somewhat quiet now, but just a few days ago something very strange happened.

In the early morning hours of October 25 the volcano gets a visit from a cylindrical UFO which seems to plummet into the mouth of the 17,000 ft behemoth with reckless speed.

The event was even picked up by TELEVISA news and has everyone stumped as to what the UFO actually is.

Here’s some commentary from our friends over at Inexplicata along with a video of the event:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the numerical value of a video is incalculable, provided it is not a hoax. Prof. Ana Luisa Cid has very kindly shared with us a video from the Mexico’s TELEVISA network showing the precise moment at which a bright, cylindrical shape appears to plummet into the smoking maw of 17,000 foot Popocatepetl on 25 October 2012. The volcano’s eruption status is continuously monitored by Mexico’s CENAPRED agency.

The volcano cam is not a video feed, but instead it takes a live photo every 5 seconds or so. In order to even see the UFO plunge into the mouth, 4 pictures are spliced together.

You never know what may be lurking in and around those pesky volcanoes. Although this seems one of the most inhospitable locations to land a spacecraft, volcanoes have all sorts of ledges and dugouts for something to set down. Then again, it may have been some sort of probe sent to analyze the deep mass of Popocatepetl.

So, with the above way out speculation covered, I am a bit skeptical, as a simple scratch with an electronic marker or eraser would easily produce such a shape. Of course, we may never know.

It’s up to the reader now. You can either believe or scream fake. Just don’t spit on me when you do that screaming thing.

I’d like to thank Inexplicata, Youtuber Galogadiac and Cenapred for providing content on this article.

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  • I have to doubt the 48 seconds. The smoke barely moves while the object is in sight, which must add up to two or three minutes of duration.

  • 48 seconds was the time it took to update each time when I was watching it. Each image is timestamped, so where is the timestamp in the image they use in the video?

    I checked the coding on the site and it is set to update the snapshot every 30 seconds. It will likely take images more frequently, but only the latest image is shown when the image refreshes on their website.

    Therefore, if they took these images from the website as a user, they would have two images at least 30 seconds apart and that also means that the people running the webcam should have more images available.

    If these came from the people running the webcam, then where are the originals? I should be able to tell when they were taken and what the time was between them.

  • Claude Tracy Griffin Jr

    According to Spanish News web-site ABC. It states the actual time when the supposed UFO enter into the volcano. 8:45PM or Their actual text say’s “20:45”.
    So the actual time of when the UFO flew into the volcano seems to be a bit confusing. In the report above submitted by Scott Mc Man, he mentions “In the early morning hours of October 25, 2012”. So this is where I am confused as to the actual time. http://www.abc.com.py/curiosidades/mexico-ovni-en-crater-de-montana-471502.html.

  • Claude Tracy Griffin Jr

    To answer your question regarding what make and model of the camera. Here is a direct translation from CENARPRED web-site that describes the actual camera. “The team is a video camera brand PELCO ESPRIT model, which can be remotely controlled from the center, thus can zoom and camera movement. It also allows us to see the volcano at night, thanks to the technical characteristic. The camera control is done through a dedicated digital link large capacity of 64 KBytes and an interface designed by the Department of Instrumentation and Computation CENAPRED.

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