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Well, it didn’t take long for this one to hit the fan with “experts” all over the globe checking in with an opinion.

My source for the story, Inexplicata has provided a pretty interesting update on the video, as well as providing commentary from the astronomy field.

So, I am happy to provide their current research into this event, as well as some information that was erroneously reported yesterday by many sources, including myself.

Mexico: UFO in a Mountain Crater?

MEXICO (ANSA News Agency) An alleged elongated object entered the crater of the Popocatepetl Volcano, 65 kilometers distant from the Mexican capital, causing astonishment and confusion among experts and the public alike.

On October 25 at 20:45 local time, a camera from the TELEVISA TV network that monitors activity in the giant volcano captured the image and immediately unleashed a firestorm of discussions. The object’s measurements would have been 1 kilometer long by 200 meters wide, flying at a speed greater than that of an airliner, according to scientific estimates.

However, the majority of experts, like astronomer Julieta Fierro, a renowned science popularizer, took a more skeptical stance. Fierro believes that it cannot be said for sure if the object fell within the crater or if it is in fact “a galaxy 20,000 million light years away. It could be something incredibly distant moving behind the Earth,” she said.

A similar opinion was voiced by William Lee, a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, who said it was “a video error, given that there was no visible interaction between the object and the atmosphere and gases emanating from the volcano.”

Raul Rivera of the Servicio Meteorologico Nacional (National Weather Service) said it was “an object whose composition is simply unknown to us.”

[A note from Prof. Ana Luisa Cid: “Regarding the story of the cylindrical UFO in the volcano, it is worth noting that it was recorded by the TELEVISA camera (not the same as the one used by CENAPRED). I am pointing this out because some researchers have published erroneous reports, thinking it is the same camera with the same specifications. They further compound their error by saying CENAPRED takes photos every 30 seconds and then joins them to form a time lapse. The truth is that “CENAPRED used an Pelco brand remotely controlled analog camera. It is a video camera that takes pictures every 2 seconds approximately before placing them on the Internet.” This information was directly provided to me by Ing. Gilberto Castel├ín, responsible for monitoring maintenance and instrumentation.”)

So, it was the TELEVISA camera that took the footage. Not only that, but we’ve finally got a drop dead picture rate of 2 seconds on the live feed CENAPRED camera. Although, that seems to have no bearing on the story as it stands now.

The point that struck a chord with me most is the logic voiced by astronomer Julieta Fierro, who said it could be a distant object falling far behind the earth. Some of our readers mentioned that the object could well be falling behind the volcano, but I don’t think anyone had in mind what Fierro points out.

This has turned into quite a speculative drama and I think you’ll all agree that it’s been somewhat entertaining.

Please, by all means, keep the ideas flowing. We may get to the bottom of this yet!

Thanks again to my wonderful source Inexplicata and thanks to our readers for finding the info they’ve presented including the added videos.

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  • The Oshmar

    So that makes it a shooting star of sorts going behind the mountains silhouette?

  • There would only have been a reaction of the gasses coming from the crater IF the object actually descended into the crater. If it merely passed above or behind there would be no visible effect there.

  • Oh, I only skimmed the article, and now I see they said that.

    I am ashamed.
    Seppuku for me.

  • The Oshmar

    That escalated quickly

  • roystemman

    Julieta Fiero’s comments, if correctly reported, make no sense. A galaxy 20,000 million light years away wouldn’t “fall far behind the earth” and be captured on a TV camera as a long cyndrical shape. Total garbage! But we now know two camera are trained on the volcano – the TELEVISA camera and the live feed CENAPRED camera – yet only one appears to have recorded the “event”. Presumably both cameras record the time, in which case those responsible for CENAPRED should be looking to see what it recorded at the same time TELEVISA “captured” the long object falling into the volcano. My guess is that it saw and recorded nothing unusual, in which case we can confidently dismiss TELEVISA’s image as a video aberration.

  • either way wtf was it?? lol

  • It does raise the simple question, if this is an astronomical object, its linear appearance could only be explained by a long exposure, which would cause the other stars visible in the frame to be likewise stretched and they are not.

    I would expect an astronomer to think of that.

  • The images on the feed seem to update every 48 seconds. So, if the object is 1km in length and the object moves approximately the length of it (as shown in the image), that would mean it was moving 1km every 48 seconds, which is 75kmph! Not exactly “faster than a jet plane”.

    I checked the video (cause I cant find a single image) and I do not see any timestamps on the images they used, even though the feed shows timestamps.

  • Rmon

    I have actually, for myself, already concluded it is all fake.

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