I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

As seems the norm these days, there is a new claim of a possible Bigfoot photo. This time it comes to us from Hubert Oklahoma’s Paul Harris.

Paul’s coworker showed him a photo from her husbands game-cam and Paul promtly sent it in to the nearest NBC news affiliate.

In the picture you can make out what looks like a biped with a broad back, or is it?

First lets take a look at the video and then I’ll get into what has me thinking it’s not Bigfoot at all.

Now that you’ve seen it, indulge me as I do a little investigating of my own. Hey, it’s Saturday and I just finished work, so instead of letting you guys handle it, I’m gonna dive right in.

First lets look at the blown up photo of the alleged Sasquatch:

OK, fair enough! If you focus on that area, it does kind of look like a big biped of some sort. However, if you start to allow yourself to take in the full picture, things start to become more apparent.

I’ve had years of whitetail deer hunting under my belt. I know what deer do, I know how they act and I know their tendencies. Most importantly, I know what the look like in different positions and that comes from trying to pick them out in thick wooded areas where at time you might just see a sliver between branches.

Now lets take a look at my photos and see if we can’t clear this up.

First a view without help from me, but I think you may be able to see it without my help:

OK, do you see it? Can you at least see part if it? No? Fair enough, let me bring out my little red helper.

Now it all becomes very clear. In my experienced opinion, this is nothing more than a deer. A deer obscured by a tree, brush and darkness, helped out by the limitations of the game-cam.

I know what you’re thinking, why is it in such an odd position with it head on the ground. I’m glad you asked. You see, this is a very common activity, especially in rutting season. The bucks will rub their heads in spot where they smell urine or scent on the ground. In fact, I’ve seen doe’s do this as well. They use their own oils secreting from glans to leave their mark over scrapes or when they smell a female. In fact there are a few reason for them to engage in this activity. Of course this is only one form of how they mark or leave scent.

There you have it! Just a deer people! Nothing more to see here!

Have a great weekend!

The content was provided by the Youtube page of Bigfoot Evidence.

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  • HeHasBeenRevealed

    I grew up in the woods. Its the back of a deer. The diagram you gave with the head and ears isnt right though. You can see the two back legs and one of the front legs as the deer is looking the opposite way the camera. You can see the ear underneath the long twig on the tree. These people had to have other pictures taken of this deer. Its a shame how much some people lack integrity these days.

  • Scott_McMan


    The point is that it’s a deer. I think we both agree on that point. my diagram is just an outline, nothing more. if you take a look at the picture above it, you can see that head and that front ear. I also think you can make out the eye, but I’m not making any claims there.

    Either way we both see the hind quarter clearly and know what it is.

    Tell you what, I’ll take another look when I get back on my PC. right now I’m on my cell phone. if I can see what you see, I’ll certainly say so.

    Thanks for the comment, it is appreciated.

  • Actually, it looks more like one of these than Bigfoot,


    But still just a deer.

  • Scott_McMan

    HHBR, as promised, I did take another look, but I stand by my initial opinion.

    Regardless, as I said before, we both agree that it’s a deer.

  • Just looking at the image, and again, from personal experience with deer (I live in Manitoba Canada, we hit these things on the highway on a daily basis) if it’s not a deer with its head to the ground, I would almost say its a deer standing up looking away from the camera (behind the tree) with its body turned in the same direction. The tree would cut off the front half of the deer and make it seem like a bipedal creature. Again though, just food for thought, but I’d say with 100% certainty that this is nothing more than a deer.

  • Scott_McMan


    I used to pass by the Advanced Physics classroom every day as it was letting out. Occasionally, I’d bump into one of those students. Strangely enough though, I never learned any physics that way.

    What I did learn from were those subjects that I actually attended classes for. Get my meaning here?

    Nothing personal my friend, but if you read my article carefully, you’d see that I have not gleaned this knowledge from my car.

    With that said, you have every right to see it the way you do and I appreciate your input.