I would like nothing more than the proof of various cryptids, alien civilizations, even alien visitors to be found. But that proof will come only through rigorous science and objective analysis, and by holding evidence to the highest standards of scrutiny. Born in south eastern Pennsylvania, i have found myself at one time or another living in Chicago, Cleveland, Raleigh-Durham, on the island of Kaua'i and finally landed on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I have turned my hand to various professions from early work in 3d graphics to historic building restoration, carpentry and log home building to working in a bronze art foundry on the WWII Veterans Memorial. Currently I am a writer, script writer and working for a non profit organization called Empowerment Through Connection which is involved in equine assisted therapy for veterans, at risk teens and women.

Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily has posted to You Tube what his analysis determines to be a cloaked alien UFO base on the slopes of Mt Adams, Washington.

I had read about and researched the UFO Sightings at the ECETI ranch for many years and finally found a satellite map that would allow me to fully view the top of the ranch. The mass amounts of military officers and DOD people as well as news agencies who record these UFO have been baffled by what they saw. Glowing UFO orbs are seen nightly by visitors and people in the community. The thing that sticks out the most is that they often say, “it was coming from the side of the mountain,” or “it went into the side of the mountain.” This made me search for some kind of distortion in the photos, a glitch in their cloaking that would prove to be an entrance to a base. You see I work with infrared and night vision so I understand that certain light waves are not visible to the human eye, but the digital eye is a different story. Here is a video I made of the results of this search. The entrance is real…now…how do we open it?

Scott C. Waring

For reference here is the progression of zooms that leads to the site Scott claims to have discovered

Now I have checked FlashEarth myself and the distortion shown here is present there,

My own zoom on the area with Flash Earth

However to cite only one source for information is just asking for trouble, as Mr. Waring has done here. Waring has used Flash Earth to image the eastern slopes of Mt Adams, so I decided to check his findings on Google Earth. If indeed aliens are cloaking a hidden base on Adams, and that process causes a distortion of focus then it should be visible from any satellite image. Yes?

For reference I have included the rather distinctive deep valley in the lower half of this picture, and the ridge in the upper half, both visible in Waring’s image

And then zoomed between to the location of Waring’s “Base” and find no distortion.

Now I will be the first to admit my images are not taken at the same time of year as Waring’s. So we are left with a few options:

There was a hidden alien aircraft base within Mt Adams at the time of Waring’s photo but it was either not built yet or removed when my photos were taken.

As one of Waring’s commentors suggests, what was cloaked was a mothership not a base, and it departed or had not arrived yet between the time of Waring’s photo and mine.

Waring’s photo is a by product of a camera or processing flaw, or an atmospheric anomaly at the time of the picture.

Or one of the photos is simply faked by some human hand.

There do not seem to be a lot of other options. But there does arise a question.

Why would an advanced alien race, with the capacity to cloak a base or mothership proceed to launch brightly glowing objects that clearly identify its location?

If you are able to find something different let me know

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  • The Oshmar

    Nice work Henry, I don’t like it when someone finds a digital artifact in a picture, like a small blur and immediately jumps to some inane aliens theory. The fact is anyone can find any number of blurs on Google Earth, Flash Earth or Apple Maps, especially Apple Maps, some common sense is needed in these matters.

  • handsOnSgt

    How about, it’s an absolute load of rubbish? that is the obvious answer.

  • handsOnSgt

    HandsOnSgt Marc Coppell • 24 days ago

    Re:the creatures mentioned, often mistaken for ‘UFO’s’; known by those who often travel from Earth etc as ‘critters’.

    Greetings mark. You asked about the altitudes.

    Never lower than the Thermosphere and generally found in the exosphere.

    However, as some creatures on earth can stay under water for enormous
    amounts of time, needing rarely to breath oxygen; in the same way,
    these ‘critters’, are exospherically and exothermically adapted. They
    have been observed at quite large distances from our planet, though
    rarely huge distances.

    The current classifications of the atmosphere has the exosphere as
    the highest out from the earth. this is in fact misleading, as there are
    other ‘layers’ which are influenced by the gravitation/magnetic
    interactions and solar particles. The creatures mentioned are in some
    way, as not yet understood, able to gain a sustenance of some kind here.

    As to light frequencies, I can only presume you refer to the wave lengths.?
    are not vehicles, so the frequency question, mentioned by some UFO
    interestees is not valid in similar terms. However Marc,they can be seen
    with the naked eye and have similar (in terms of pelagic worms and
    dragon fish ), properties; but this is due to solar processes, again not
    fully understood.
    These creatures are not thought to possess or
    have not displayed, intelligence of a higher level than say, shrimps, or
    jellyfish, yet their ability to exist, in what we would consider
    extremest conditions, is quite remarkable; bordering on impossible to
    conventional science, & is an indicator, that we need to perhaps
    reassess our definition of ‘intelligence.’
    I do hope you get to read this.

    I have answered with the answers, given to me by someone, who is
    currently in the process of classifying these creatures, for an agency
    Many blessings.

  • julianpenrod

    So often, the same New World Order non argument tactics crop up in trying to oppose the truth.

    Note, for example, the “photographs” Henry Paterson submits claim to be of Mt. Admas, but are absolutely nothing like the area Waring referred to. the topography is completely different. The gullbile will take it without thinking feeper because they’re not used to thinking deeply. And MWO “moles” will embrace it immediately. Paterson could have started with a large area photo and zoomed in, but, instead, gave a magnified shot that only claims to be from the area of Mt. Adams. In this way, this is also a means of the NWO gauging how many really understand things around them and hgow many are witlessly malleable.

    And, note The Oshmar’s comment. Those who absolutely deny the existence of UFO’s depict themselves as eminently “scientific”, yet note the patently non “scientific” bent of Tha Oshmar’s comment. Stating that “anyone can find any number of blurs on Google Earth”, yet The Oshmar provides no evidence, no list of such blurs. To be sure, now, the NWO will have inserted them to back up claims like this, but The Oshmar was making claims for which they provided no proof or “proof” whatsoever.

  • The Oshmar
  • The photos I posted are both Mt Adams, the first containing features recognizable in Waring’s photos, and I used FlashEarth side by side with Google Earth for reference.

    I am perfectly willing to post a progression of photos from the first all the way down to the best point at which they lose resolution.

  • mfritz0

    This has to be said, Who really cares about what YOU don’t like? Henry is merely reporting the facts as he sees them. It’s your choice if you don’t like them or not. I’m not impressed at all that you don’t like them. There has to be a reason the image is blurred, whatever that is. Alien technology is just as good an explanation as any other. Unless you are willing to mount an expedition to this remote area and prove beyond any doubt, who are you to judge?

  • Then why is the location blurred only on Flash Earth and not Google Earth? That the distortion only appears in one source is far better evidence of a photographic flaw than to jump to the very long conclusion of alien presence on Earth.

    “one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything”

    Occam’s Razor

    To claim that this image represents an alien presence in some way requires a long list of assumptions. Photographic flaw, as demonstrated in any number of other cases, is backed by actual evidence and experience.

  • The Oshmar

    Like I said, some common sense in needed in these matters, jumping to completely random conclusions and grasping at straws is not helpful for ufology as a whole. The data provided by Scott Waring can be disproven by using other Earth Viewers in the same area.

    So apply some common sense.

    I’m not saying these shouldn’t be reported here, I’m saying it was great to see the work that Henry did in researching showed the discrepancies in Scotts ideas.

  • Scott_McMan

    I think there’s some confusion here. Henry is questioning Waring’s findings. Oshmar seems to agree and mfritz0 is misunderstanding.

    If anyone is guilty of trying to get stories up too fast it’s me. I occasionally miss a research point, but Henry rarely lets an article go without doing his due diligence. He doesn’t have to as allowing the reader to take the ball and run helps to diffuse lack of time issues. However, Henry wants to provide as much info as possible.

    I seldom see anything on Waring’s site that cannot be easily explained, but that’s what he does. His site is all about sensationalism and that’s OK, it serves his readers.

    Henry IMO, is our most intense writer and he deserves many more views than he gets.

  • wlrpaul

    An exact latitude and longitude of the Flash Earth anomaly would do wonders.

  • Latitude 46 degrees 11′ 37.3″ North
    Longitude 121degrees 20′ 33.9″ West
    And my apologies for not including this info above

  • Marc Coppell

    somehow got your message..thanks (been a while since I have been on here) Would be interesting to catch one as those deep sea life forms that are so unique to the extreme environment. Don’t know how far my craft will ascend as it is experimental and untested (being a garage scientist unable to do expensive testing)

  • jennfire

    I used to live in a house on a hill that looked directly at Mt. Baker. Frequently I would see odd things in the sky. One in particular was a cigar shape that appeared translucent. I watched it drift to the East with the clouds for several minutes, and it never changed it’s shape and appeared, as though it were hiding in the clouds. The clouds changed but the object never did.. It finally just drifted out of site. at the same level. This happened in daylight.

  • I would love to hear what you guys are talking about since it is obviously not this story. If either one of you would like to clue me in you can contact me at [email protected]