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Ghost videos are a dime a dozen. Make that, two dozen. Videos that purportedly have captured supernatural events come from all parts of the world and from all types of people. Most videos that we here at GhostTheory have seen all seem to have been faked. Whether for monetary gain or childish pranks, the videos are constantly uploaded to social-media websites and trick only the gullible.

Yet every once in awhile comes a video that looks, sounds, and feels so real that it makes some of us doubt our own explanations. In these situations, applying the Ockham razor law seems to be the ideal solution. This is true for most of what we know. Yet there are some videos out there that leave you doubting science, especially those that predate social-media websites and accessible video editing software.

Yes, science and the laws of physics –as we know them– can explain everything. Right?

Wrong. Since the dawn of man there have been stories of psychic phenomena happening all around the world. From psychokinetic (Nina Kulagina) to remote viewing, these “powers” have been studied by several government entities across the globe. Many of these studies were backed by an extraordinary amount of funding. So why would governments spend money on such things if they weren’t real? Simply because strange things happen.

The following video is said to be footage of a haunted home in the United Kingdom. It’s been public for a few decades now and yet no one has come up with an explanation that satisfies believers and skeptics alike. Whether this is a hoax or footage of psychic phenomena, I leave it up to you.

  • I just can’t buy it. It really looks like someone’s shadow from behind the camera is projecting on the wall.

  • The Oshmar

    Yup, that’s what I got from it too.
    Also why are the start of the first video does it say “directed by”, seems a bit off on it’s own. The sounds could be easily faked.

  • Steve O’Rourke

    The scenes with the knocking on the walls, they seem like they’re trying to keep from laughing.

  • Gregory Wyrdmaven

    I agree there’s nothing really here to suggest anything more than a fake. The noises can be dismissed outright. Someone who wasn’t looking for a ghost would say it’s the shadow of someone out of frame. And also, like almost all Bigfoot footage, we get only a small video clip without any frame of reference as to the rest of the environment or any before and after framing. When you add the spooky music, the “this is real” and etc…you don’t get a documentation of something you get a presentation of something. This is why most paranormal research can be dismissed since it has this carnival sideshow sensationalism to it.

  • Archard

    Probably not haunted and the footage doesn’t really give away much. it seems to jovial on the part of people and I am always totally skeptical once the crappy scary music is added.

  • Polite_Werewolf

    The image of the shadow/shape can be done very easily. You just put a pane of glass in front of the lens and walk around behind the camera. Your movement will be reflected from the glass into the camera, giving a ghostly appearance.

  • scott

    I disagree with most of the other posts on here. I think there really is something to this … one reason being it’s from 1992 and we didn’t have the rampant fakery back then that we do now. I also remember seeing this years ago on some ghost TV show and it really grabbed my attention. It’s one of my favorite ghost videos.