Trail Cam Biped Deconstructed

Trail Cam Biped Deconstructed

Today we are reviewing a story that was making rounds toward the end of last week and appeared at some very reputable sites.

This one began with a trail cam photo on the Facebook page, ‘Chasing Trophy Whitetails’. The picture in question is seemingly showing some sort of strange biped creature.

As soon as I saw this story my spidey sense started to tingle. Furthermore, I immediately recognized the figure in the photo without any manipulation whatsoever.

First lets view the picture as it originally appeared:

So far, so good. Now, lets blow it up and zoom in on the subject. If you look closely, you may see where I’m going with this already:

Now lets take another look, but this time we will add a second photo of something you are sure to recognize:

Unfortunately out of the hundreds of stock cow photos I found, none matched the positioning I needed which is a 3/4 turn of the back end with a bend of the body in the middle and ending up having the animal facing to the rear. That doesn’t change the fact that there is a definite contour match as well as the subject having what appears to be a hoof at the bottom.

It is my opinion that the picture was “possibly” manipulated to remove most of the animal and give the appearance of a biped.

Below see some stock photos of various cows. One thing you’ll notice when clicking on each image for the full view is how the back of the hindquarter takes a straight line drop, just like the subject.

Finally, for those who still can’t see it, I’ll do the patented red marker outline trick:

Of course there are many who will argue my findings and that’s fine as you all have the right to your opinion. However, I do believe I’ve proven that this is not a biped creature of any kind. I liken it most closely to a cow, but it could also be some other large hooven animal.

I try to break these photos down part by part as I’ve mentioned in the past. However, at the end of the day, I’m still just human. Although I could be wrong, the evidence is hard to deny.

Thanks for reading and please throw an opinion into the comment section below, you’ll be glad you did.

Content comes from the Chasing Trophy Whitetails Facebook page.

Note: I’d like to clarify that I am not accusing Chasing Trophy Whitetails of anything as it’s quite possible that the picture came out as it appears due to a glitch in the camera.

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