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2012 seems to be the year of the Bigfoot.

This is a follow-up to a story I found fairly recently and personally had strong doubts about, the video of a bigfoot taken from inside a tent. All doubts aside, if the current story is true

You can find that story here

and see the video

From Robert Lindsay’s Blog site

Bigfoot News December 12, 2012

by Robert Lindsay

Rick Dyer has another Bigfoot in a freezer! I know you are all probably LOLing at that one, but this time, it may be a real Bigfoot. I reported earlier that Minnow Films of the UK was filming a documentary on Bigfoot hunters with Dyer on September 6, 2012 when Dyer shot cellphone video lasting 1.2 seconds of a Bigfoot eating meat out of a bait trap in a tree. Dyer was in his tent. In the next tent was a BBC film crew with two cameramen with shoulder-mounted cameras. At the same time, the film crew captured a 3 minute video of the same Bigfoot eating from the bait trap. After Dyer recognized there was a Bigfoot at the bait trap, he ran out of the tent, clad only in his underwear, carrying a rifle.

At that time, Dyer raised up his rifle and shot the Bigfoot in the back of the head. At that point, all Hell broke loose as the crew wrestled the rifle away from Dyer.

Shades of the initial reports of Smeja Sierra Kills shootings where the JE was said to have taken the rifle away from Smeja after he shot the baby Bigfoot, stating, “If you shoot another one of those things, I will shoot you.” Subsequent reports cast doubt on that account. We have also heard other reports of hunters who had Bigfoots in their sights and were prevented from shooting by their fellow hunters.

At any rate, at that time, it was too late, as the shot to back of the head killed the male Bigfoot. The shooting was caught on film by the film crew. The Bigfoot’s measurements were 7’8 tall and 490 pounds, a bit on the small side for a male Bigfoot. Measurements and weighting were done postmortem.

Additional supportive proof, including a photo of what appears to be a dead Bigfoot from the scene, is available and has been examined by investigators. In addition, in the Camper Video, the videographer pans down to the floor of his tent at one point and one can see a rifle on the floor there.

A few days after the shooting, the film crew reportedly threw Dyer out of the movie for some unknown reason.

Minnow Films retained possession of the body, and they farmed out its storage to a third party. It is not known what arrangements were made between Minnow and Dyer regarding possession of the body. Apparently Minnow Films has some proprietary interest in this whole affair. At any rate, the plan is to release the body only after the documentary comes out at the Tribeca Film Festival in mid April of 2013.

I will reiterate my concerns about the video:

First is the described Large Nocturnal Eyes. I am sorry to say that what the analysis describes as large nocturnal eyes with no whites showing simply appears to me to be deep set eyes beneath a heavy brow where you cannot actually see the eye. Nor do I see an eye that is especially large in proportion to the face.

Next subject the nose. Granted this video as viewed on You Tube is not spectacularly detailed, but it shows enough for me to question this.

Next is the anatomy of the neck, as is a common feature commented upon in analysis of the Patterson/Gimlin film. Again, what I have to say on this is purely my opinion, however, in analysis of the Patterson/Gimlin film it is commented that the manner in which Patty turns her entire body to look back is because the heavy musculature of her neck does not permit her to turn her head to the same degree a human can. The subject in this video does not seem to have that same limitation.

Lastly I have been told that the video was identified as a hoax.

The only positive thing I can say about this story so far is that Tom Biscardi is not involved, yet. The secretiveness of the film crew raises my suspicions and delay in study of a body is poor thinking and costs results scientific study if there is a body. I would urge that the film crew release the body and find another venue than a film festival for release of their footage. Anything else is a clear indication the profit is their motive as much as it was the motive of Mr. Dyer in his actions. IF there is any truth to be had out of this story then I am at least glad that Dyer is removed from it for the unnecessary death of an animal who was posing no threat to him. I guess we will find out in April, but until then I am sure we would all welcome more information.

Should you have any more information feel free to contact me

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  • carlos rosado

    It’s a complete lie and should not even be repeated. Dyer just cares about being in the media and will do anything to get attention.

  • I want to believe…

  • AaronD2012

    Ok, so we’re right at the money shot, then the filmer points the camera down at his sleeping bag? WHY??? Would be a lot more convincing if the clip went on a bit–on the subject I mean! We’re stuck with 1 second of “maybe”, then nothing! LAME

  • Well, over the years, a couple of friends of mine and I, who are large or tall and athletic, have taken shots trying to emulate that walk in Patterson Gimlan. It’s just REALLY impractical. I’m talking powerlifters and football guys. Just NOT practical. That and the sheer history of sightings gives me pause that it’s either a real species or the worlds most pervasive and convincing old wives tale.
    I err on the side of real.
    If this one was shot, then at least let it be revealed and studied. This way it can be protected legally. Several reportedly have been shot over the years by accident, and a couple by hunters who had a high dollar incentive from exotic collectors to find such a trophy (I’ve heard one is in a very private rich fellow’s club somewhere on the east coast, still trying to figure out where that could be).
    My only real fears for them are if they are already aware of to the governments and are secretly being studied. I guess if they are real that’s already a done deal too.
    We shall see one way or another if this movie and body show up in a relatively short time from now.