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Last month on The Joe Rogan Experience, Survivor expert Les Stroud talked about his two experiences with what he believed to be a Bigfoot in remote areas around the world. First in the Australian outback and then in Alaska, Les gave a detailed account as to what he witnessed while being asked about Bigfoot.

According to Les, his experience in the Bush was a hair-raising one when one night he heard someone walking up to his tent. He describes the walk as coming from a bipedal creature and a heavy one at that.
When the crunching of the footsteps got closer to his tent, he reacted by shouting out into the dead of the night. Suddenly the visitor did a 180 and headed back out into the wilderness. Leaving Les and his ex-wife unnerved.

While in Alaska, Les also managed to bare witness to an even more incredible account. While filming for his show “Survivorman” Les and his editor heard something rustling in the nearby bushes. Thinking it was a Grizzly, Les stopped his narration and looked out into the bushes. Moments later a loud primate-like call erupted from the bushes, terrorizing Les and his crew.

What could possibly have freaked out an experienced camper like that?

According to the interview, Les is currently working on a ‘Survivorman Bigfoot special‘.
Can’t wait to see it as I’m an avid Survivorman fan.

  • Dung Shooken

    It’s only a matter of time.

  • I sure hope Les is not following through on rumors that he is teaming up with Todd Standing. HOAXER! I look forward to anything that Les and/or the other rumor of Ian Redmond, might produce! Just keep Todd out of it!

  • While I agree that there are questions surrounding Standing, let’s not be too quick to discard any source of potential information, and at the very least if he is a fraud then it will not be in Stroud’s best interest to support that fraud and this leaves him open to be revealed.

  • $19122330

    TV= Sensationalism=$$$.

  • joe

    you must work for moneyfaker to.