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Listen in to the Coast To Coast AM broadcast of Dr. Ketchum’s interview about the alleged Bigfoot DNA that exists. Dr. Ketchum explains the technicalities and issues faced when analyzing such evidence. From the technical difficulties to human greed, Dr. Ketchum’s interview by George Knapp was interesting to say the least.

Full source: Coast To Coast AM

Joining George Knapp, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum discussed her DNA analysis of possible Bigfoot hair samples, which was leaked to the public before the publication of her peer-reviewed paper. She reviewed her background as a veterinarian, years of research in genetics, including forensics, and her founding of the company DNA Diagnostics in 1985. She also addressed controversies that have been stirred up in the Bigfoot research community about her findings. Part of the problem, she explained, was that some non-ethical people became involved in her project, though none of their research was ever incorporated into her final paper.

While she was not at liberty to discuss all aspects of her Bigfoot DNA testing before her manuscript is published, she confirmed that analysis was done on over 100 hair and skin samples, sent in by eyewitness of the creature, or from researchers in the field. To maintain objectivity, some of the samples were sent “blind” to other labs– that is they were not identified as possibly being from a Sasquatch. Ketchum outlined how her lab was able to prevent contamination problems, by checking against the DNA of her lab employees and the people who submitted the samples.

Results revealed that the mitochondrial DNA was human, but the nuclear DNA was “unique,” – that is there were unknown sequences interspersed with human sequences, she said. This suggests that something non-human mated with humans to create the Bigfoot species. “We don’t know what the other side of Bigfoot is– we know it’s not any ancients that are on file, we known it’s not any apes that are on file, we know it’s in the primate range, but there’s no type file for the progenitor,” she commented.

  • IThinkso

    Our grand forefathers (from mankind) were much taller than today’s us.

  • Roy

    Links to proof of this claim…

  • Roy

    Melba states that she was there when one of the samples was collected. Would sure like to hear the story on this!

  • IThinkso

    It all depends on which user manual/guide’s (of mankind) claim one follows and which one is the original, directly from the manufacturer.

  • Roy

    Well I’m sorry but that makes no sense at all. Guessing you’re making some cute reference to the Bible and the creation story, but let’s stick to actual science and the fossil record shall we.
    If not please provide a link, and again let’s keep it in the realm of science and not use scripture for purposes for which it was never intended.

  • IThinkso

    In the Disney World of fantasy, science is the bright prodigy of scriptures. The question is how much waiting time we have, for this child to tell us…Why the only blue planet is in the midst of the dead planets? …Why it has to be only one visible (scriptures also claim, two invisible other) intelligent being in this world? …Why that intelligent being is further divided into Man and Woman? …Why that intelligent being has to have a unique fingerprint, …DNA….?

    Science is the creation, not the Creator. Scriptures do not disapprove science but not vice versa. Science after failing at vital ends starts acting up…sticks to theories.

    The science is just the sound reasoning of the brain, which was always there. The brain is dependent, cannot explain its own self and it easily gets manipulated by external interference, which includes second invisible beings…the devils. Science can create and revive expired robots, but not humans, or any other livings.

    ‘No proof’, does not necessarily mean, ‘does not exist’. It’s all about transmitters and receivers…signals always existed. Absolute truth is the only truth, but it has a burden of proof, and that burden is always on the science (the brain).

    I highly respect your sound reasoning and I do accept
    science’s limitations in this respect at this time. OR …the trustworthy scientific proof is out there, but has not reached us due to some reasons …may be because of unfair brain interventions.

    “Our research, in conjunction with the research of other respected institutions around the world, has demonstrated that the entire human population descending from a single pair of human ancestors is highly unlikely.” stated Dr. Lesser. “It would seem that the traditional view of groups, not individuals, evolving has been corroborated; the only way man could descend from a single pair (rather than from an entire group of transitional hominids) is if the original pair was literally giants in the pre-nutrition age.”.

    …found this above statement after brief research on the internet but not without burden of proof.

  • Roy

    In other words you have no proof at all of your giants comment. No links just a statement that you apparently misunderstand. He’s not saying there were giants rather that the human race did not descend from one spontaneously created couple. Have a great day.

  • Liz Vandall

    The Bible, The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jasher and others talk about the fallen Watcher angels that mated with human women that resulted in the births of giants known as Nephilim. They also speak of how they sinned (genetically) against the animals as well. This is what brought on the flood. Noah was perfect in his generations (genes). Probably all done to prevent the birth of Jesus.