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According to the YouTube account of Mauricio Ruiz, the following footage was shot from the window of a SouthWest Airlines flight from La Guardia airport to Houston, Texas.
Ruiz goes on to say that he has submitted the video to FAA officials and is waiting further review from them.

The video shows an object outside the cabin of the airplane. The object does not appear to be a reflection of anything from inside. It does not look like a reflection of light on the window, especially not when the camera zooms in and we can see details on the supposed craft.

From Ruiz’s YouTube:
The actual footage in its original content was sent to the FAA for further review. UFOlogist and investigators please be patient. Let FAA do their review in fairness to all. Thanks.

What does it look like to you?

  • Rmon

    Could be a reflection on the wing from some light of the plane (or the FULL moon), and this Mauricio guy might know. The reason why I think this is the case, is because of dynamic range (or, the lack of it). You see, when the cam’s exposure time is set to the inside lighting of the plane (which is very short), the detail will be reduced in the black areas on the picture. This means, that the guy is filming the wing, but you cannot actually make out the shape, because of the lack of dynamic range. The mpeg will even make it worse. It is kinda technical, but what you should do in these cases is plant the cam smack right against the window, so it does only see the blackness outside. Then, the picture will show you a nice black sky and wing etc etc.
    Also, he is zooming in and out all the time, making shure having the bright inside of the plane in frame..

    This is no proof, but it looks quite like what I describe.

  • BW

    I think your concerns are valid. I never like these “light in the night” – type UFO’s because -so many- things can appear as an unexplained source of light. Add in reflections from the crummy windows on aircraft and the situation gets sketchy fast.

    La Guardia to Houston? Any radar data corroborating the existence of an object near the aircraft?



  • rickequinox

    Its interesting how the shape turns direction briefly, but it may still be a reflection none the less.

  • Rmon
  • Donald James

    http://www.deejaysufo/ I had done a blog about the same story…. video and discovery article linked on there too.

  • sean

    double glazing!

  • Polite_Werewolf

    No one else on the plane seems to notice it, and it seems to be perfectly “flying” in formation with the plane. It’s most likely just a reflection in the window.