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  • Very poor fake job, if you ask me. The reaction of the videographer sounds flat, he makes no effort to try to move the camera to keep the figure in the shot, and the figure itself looks too thin and small, and walks like a stoner going to the beach. Weak.

  • Adam Young

    looked more like a monkey suit and yes, the camera man needs to take acting lessons

  • I’m sorry but anyone can see that’s a man. If it was I me I’d probably thing it was just some guy walking and even if suspicious I wouldn’t film it, I’d go closer.

  • Dung Shooken

    Maybe this is Daisy, after she was released.
    Yep fake. Not only does this creature lack the leg angle of Bigfoot strides, but when he moves out of frame and the cameraman makes no attempt to track him but instead leaves the camera frozen on the empty shot of trees? HAHAHAHAHA!

    We’re still waiting.

  • I believe it’s a fellow in a parka. Watch the head: what’s protruding forward from the jaw area? An unbuttoned hood perhaps?



  • I think it could be real. Look how long the arms are. It’s easy to see. The arm swing is not human at all.

  • The arm swing says it all. Its real. Look how the face has a shine at the begining. Only skin does that.

  • Martha Washington

    NOT VERY INTERESTING,but i checked it out just incase

  • Polite_Werewolf

    I call BS simply because the guy shooting this doesn’t follow the “Bigfoot” with the camera. He just keeps it pointing in one direction even though you can see it keep walking off to the side. It’s just a person.

  • I saw the documentary about this and, no, didn’t believe it for a second. So obviously a hoax.