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Mysterious picture taken by the Mars Curiosity rover has more than a few people scratching their rocket scientist heads.

Some are calling the object a flower. Analysis has determined that this is not a piece of the rover itself, as has been the case in the past, and is attached to the rock rather than sitting on it.

It looks more like a fungus than a flower to me.

But then its opalescent sheen is reminiscent of a slime mold as well

Which is not to suggest that the discovery of either would be nay less momentous, any form of life past or present on the surface of Mars widens our knowledge of how and where life is capable of evolving and thriving and helps us understand our place in the Universe better. And I am in no way qualified to suggest either of the above as possibilities for what this discovery may be, only voicing my observation. This object could very well, likely is not representative of life of any kind.

Growing up in the 70’s I remember there was a kit you could buy with a small tank and a few “seeds.” You put water in the tank and added the seeds and grew your own crystal fantasy landscape in a jar. Many crystals grow in water like these boric crystals.

which do bear a small resemblance to the martin mystery object

But even these sorts of grown crystals give evidence of flowing water on the surface of Mars and promise we may be able to someday probe the history of the red planet as gas bubbles caught within crystal matrices can give an idea of ancient atmosphere, just as we have learned of the ancient Earth by analysing bubbles trapped in amber.

Then again, maybe some Martian Princess dropped her earring.

There may be no answer to the identity of this object that does not come out as a significant discovery for our exploration of our nearest neighbours.

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  • Rmon

    It would be nice to know the scale here. It could be 20 miles wide, or 30 micron. Makes a difference doesn’t it.

  • The picture is taken by the camera at the end of Curiosity’s arm. I did not find a size reference but the object is quite small; the close up is of the surface of a rock not the surface of the planet. I would assume the crop image represents a space no larger than an inch, or less.

  • rickequinox

    I think you may be right Henry, this could be a Martian salt crystal, which would be amazing!

  • Rmon

    It is a shame the science team of the rover don’t provide proper scales to the imaging. I would do that!
    On the other hand, it is not so easy.. It is however estimate-able/calculate-able if you would know the specs of the imaging optics, distance AND the size of the detector/ccd chip..

  • DaveBusinessOnline

    So many odd things on mars.