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sound_wave_spiralThere are several online reports of a series of strange events that have been transpiring above the Indianapolis skies. Lights and loud explosions have been frightening residents for the last few days and nobody is coming forward with an explanation.
An alleged video shot during the moment when one of these thunderous explosions were heard was uploaded to YouTube. The video shows a string of colorful orbs floating in the dark sky just after midnight on January 7th, 2013.


Southwestern Indiana authorities are trying to determine the source of mysterious late-night booms that are giving area residents a rude awakening.

Twenty-four-year-old Caleb Donahoo says he’s heard the booms each night this week at his Evansville-area home. He says the first one, on Monday, was so loud it shook his home and rattled its windows.

Evansville-Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency director Sherman Greer tells the Evansville Courier & Press that so far, local authorities are at a loss to explain the loud noises.

The booms have fueled rampant speculation on social media, with theories ranging from a blown power transformer to a meth explosion or a sonic boom from some sort of aircraft. Others have speculated the noises could be mine blasts at a nearby coal mine.

Published on Jan 8, 2013
A series of mysterious booms over Indianapolis around 12:14 am on jan 7th 2013. I say three big ones total. when we heard the first one a few minutes before, i grabbed my phone because of all the sirens. the lights would have been in the northeast direction. I live in 46th & Sherman area. Last boom shook our house so hard it cracked a window. I don’t know if these are planes, Missiles or UFOs but my family was terrified

I couldn’t verify the authenticity of the video, but if it’s real, it sounded terrifying.

Anyone GhostTheory readers near the area?

  • Dung Shooken

    This is pretty uneventful until the :57 second mark, then it gets kind of freaky.
    They’ve arrived!


  • Dung Shooken

    The first thing that falls into frame (at :57) looks like a reddish flaming bit, then a triangular three-lighted object (red) comes into view (both seem to pass behind something that obscures them briefly), then after that another flaming bit which also appears to pass behind something momentarily.

  • Sonic booms from meteors

  • Ava Leah

    I shot the original video, It was quite terrifying . why it ended so quick

  • iamdw

    a low fligh-over by a few military jets?

  • Mark B UK

    Explosion at the end spliced in from this Russian gas explosion –¬†

    Looks like it’s a fake.

  • jancil79

    Hello im from anderson and i want u to know i know what they are and why they are here,by the way i seen them in greenwood2 moths ago and then i see in my hometown newspaper in anderson about strange sighting in greenwood!.i seen em 2 nights in a row close up with other witnesses.They are the chariots of fire from the bible and i can prove it…Email me at¬† [email protected]

  • Dnai

    Yeppers! Mark B UK is absolutely,100% right! That sound of the explosion at the of this vid. is spliced from the “Russian” vid. (link provided). You can even hear the guys reaction in this fake as in the original. Thanks Mark!

  • I was on the way home last night, Jan 24, 2013, and saw a series of 5 lights that flashed and went away in a row on the south side of Indy around 7:10 pm. There were two blue lights followed by three orange ones. They were around 2000 ft above ground and were large in size. I first thought fire works, but they were too¬†symmetrical¬†and spaced too evenly. I also noticed a large number of air craft in the sky at the time. Is Atterbury running training right now?

  • ¬†really believe all these “mysterious ” booms are not so mysterious at all ..only to the general population who havn’t ¬†bothered to research .If you really want to know and …it’s not pretty check into this ¬†…

  • DaveBusinessOnline

    You hear the fire engines, it could be a fire. The audio seems amazingly clear for a video recorded by a phone and the boom causes the mic to become overloaded, but it does not pop.
    Looks very weird with the different lights flying in when the boom is heard.