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The following was MUFON report was posted on the Examiner website by Roger Marsh.
The victim to these strange incidents could not account for more than two hours of missing time on the morning on January 13th, 2013

Original MUFON report: Here
Full article by Roger Marsh: Here

“This is not a UFO sighting, but so strange this was the only place I could think to put it,” the witness stated. “Early this morning something so strange happened that I can’t seem to shake this uneasy feeling.

“Last night I fell asleep on the couch. My wife asked me if I wanted to get up and go to the bed. I said how about just a blanket and leave me sleeping here. Sometime if I get up from where I am sleeping I cannot go back to sleep so it’s better to stay where I am.

“I woke up on the couch. It was dark outside and I needed to get up and use the bathroom. My daughter’s bathroom is not six feet from the couch down the hallway. I got up and on my way there glanced over to look at what time it was on the oven clock. It was 2:15.

“Usually when I get up at this time of night it’s because something or every once in awhile my 6-year-old daughter wakes me up jumping into our bed because of a bad dream which always makes me get up and go to another room. So I go in and use the bathroom which takes only a couple minutes. I walk from there to the kitchen and grab a Mountain Dew from the fridge. I notice my neck is killing me which is like what I call a CRICK and it hurts like hell. So I go to the couch set the dew on the floor in front of the couch and rub my neck for a moment.

“I reach down and grab the Mountain Dew. I pick it up and take a drink and think, this is warm, what the heck. I figure something must be wrong with the fridge, but thinking it was cold walking over. I noticed I had to use the bathroom and was, like what the hell, I just went to the bathroom a minute ago. Then I notice that my neck is suddenly feeling alot better, still hurting but not nearly as bad as it was.

“I keep my laptop on the coffee table and reach over hit the mouse and the computer comes out of sleep mode. This is when I freak. The clock say 4:23 a.m.

“I look over at the oven clock and it says 4:24 a.m.

“All of this happening in less then six minutes at the most. I got a creepy feeling and started to get very upset and a little scared. I look out the doors which is next to the couch and out across the backyard. I look and see the motion lights down by the barn some 400 yards away are on.

“Rarely do we ever see these lights come on and have to be triggered by moment of something. Things get worse for me mentally when I glance down and the door is unlocked and not all the way closed.

“I cannot explain the way I felt at that moment but I ran to my daughter’s bedroom and she was not there and turned and ran to ours and hit the light. Both my wife and daughter were in the bed asleep.

“I came back out to the family room where I was sitting and walked over and pushed the door shut and locked it. I looked out towards the barn and the light was still on. I couldn’t see anything except the heavy fog. I had a weird feeling. I am not sure if I thought something was at the barn or more that I was so freaked out about what just happened. I sat back down on the couch and spent the next five hours thinking about how that could have possibly happened.

“I still don’t know how. Maybe a case of Hypnagogia, but I don’t think so. I never closed my eyes. Whatever happened to those approximate two hours I have no idea. It was totally seamless. I still am baffled how it could have happened. It was two something one second and four something the next second just like that. I have no history of sleep walking, or any other sleeping disorder. I was not asleep. I was very much awake. I am trying to figure out how to record from my webcam to my laptop as I will sleep on the couch again tonight to see if anything happens again or to see if I might sleep walk or something.

“If I do it will be the first time ever. Usually my body is in so much pain when I get up it’s impossible for me to go back to sleep. I have severe back problems. I have to list this as something and abduction is the only thing I can really put there but I want to make it clear that in no way am I claiming to have been abducted by anyone.

“One point I forgot to point out is I had both my Schipperkes sleeping on the back of the couch with me. So if anyone was going to grab me the dogs would have had them for breakfast. Wife said in the morning that when she went to bed all doors were locked up tight.”

  • IThinkso

    …so seems the 40+ years of Jodie Foster (JF).

  • Yeah, a Schipperke is about the size of an average rabbit. Noisy but not exactly a threat.

  • The Oshmar

    Isn’t it odd that he sleeps on the couch rather than in his bed considering his back problems? Unless he’s done something bad (dog housed) I don’t see why he’d do this, his wife even asked him if he was going to bed.
    Also Mountain Dew isn’t going to help him sleep.

  • Doing the Dew at 2:15 a.m.?   

  • ghosttheory

    Same thing I thought. Who gets up in the middle of the night and drinks Mountain Dew?

  • IThinkso

    Beautiful animal ain’t it? A bit out of the place though.

  • I love the replies, too funny. Actually I drink Mountain Dew before bed and when I wake up. My couch is actually more comfortable for me then the bed and if I fall asleep in the chair or the couch it is better to leave me there. Laying down actually hurts more then anything. As for my Schipperkes they are alot more vicious then you might think but yes you are right they are more noisy then intimidating.


    hmm could it be that you were still half asleep, looked at the time and confused 2:15 with 4:15? You say that the time from getting up to opening your laptop was about six minutes, so if you confused the 4 with a 2, it might explain why your laptop clock says 4:23. (8 minutes between 4:15 and 4:23 which is pretty close to 6) Still does not explain what happened with the mountain dew etc. but it seems like the most logical explanation to me.

  • Alessandro Storri
  • Sheri Lowe

    I had two very similar experiences this year. One in June and one about three weeks ago. i was on my laptop both times playing scrabble online and surfing you tube. On both occasions I got up to go to the bathroom and looked at the microwave and stove clocks as I passed through the kitchen. The first time I figured it to be about 7 pm and was surprised it was after 9 pm. so i checked my history on my laptop. It stopped at 7::10 pm and resumed at 9:07 pm. however all I remember is being on the computer. The 2 hours of inactivity have no explanation.The second time was worse. When I went to the bathroom I thought it would be about midnight because I never stay up late. The clocks said 3:20 am. So I checked my computers history again and this time it stopped at 11:20 pm and resumed at 3:19 am. I checked the time on the TV, the phone and my watch both times because I was in disbelief. I wasn’t tired at all and have only the memory of being on my computer until I had to go to the bathroom. Both times my Tv was on too. I also have a large roti/lab/shepard cross dog. I could identify any break in time but I have no idea what I was doing during those lost hours. Strangely I got sick right after those events with what I thought was the flu. The second time when I lost 4 hours of time, I ended up with a kidney infection and was very sick. I even became delirious, ending up in the hospital. It really freaks me out. I have no idea what happened. I only remember being on my computer.