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A news alert issued by UFO Sightings Daily  created a great buzz last Friday. The statement was posted on their website and the contents sound alarming. Take a look:

News Alert: News Alert: News Alert: News Alert:

I have just been made aware by one of our readers that the UFO Photo that were almost in HD in quality have been deleted. I have tried the links in 4 different web browser but to no luck. The links are gone which means only the photos and videos we posted are the only evidence they ever existed. Please download and copy the video and photos into a personal file of yours and share with others.

As I have warned before, NASA does have something to hide. I will expose you NASA for the fraud and the lies that you stand for! SCW


It’s true. The link no longer exists. The images that contain objects that appear to be alien in nature have been removed from the database.

What’s NASA trying to erase? That’s what everyone is asking over at the conspiracy web forums.

But what I’m asking is why no one bothered to do a search for the images in the first place. They weren’t deleted, they were just moved. Here’s a high resolution shot of one.


  • BW

    Um, so what are we looking at here, file location changes not withstanding ?




    Its about time NASA came clean !

  • Michael Franklin

    If NASA had a history of honesty? yeah… maybe. But these guys have never been open on this subject to begin with. Making it worse, they are no longer much more than a fancy acronym for an agency that basically no longer exists except in name and… a mohawk. 

  • Came clean about what?

  • Blue Mann

    NASA = NeverAStraightAnswer

  • wheres the video link???

  • That presumes two things:
    That they know the answer to the specific question,
    That you already know the answer you presume they are not giving.

  • Looks like debris

  • Dung Shooken

    I love how when you click on an image on this site, the image that loads is actually SMALLER or at best the same exact size as the one in the article.

    Do us a favor guys, and don’t make the images clickable. You’re wasting everybody’s time.

  • Well, looks to me like a bit of space trash to be honest.

  • BW

    Could very well be.  I have to admit I like the appearance of “wings” and a “cupola”.

  • DaveBusinessOnline

    The short answer is because they are dumb. So many times I see people saying things that could very easily be researched, but have not. Bend the truth or ignore the possible research and get more readers!