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Sometimes we see things that happen so quickly, it’s difficult to even rationalize what has transpired. This is what allegedly happened during a live Russian news broadcast when an astonishing event occurred.

As you will see, the news reporter appears to be visibly shaken and confused by what she is witnessing. Take a look at the video from ADGUK and decide for yourself.

Although this incident happened quite some time ago, I hadn’t heard about it until the video was uploaded on Youtube yesterday and I’m willing to bet this is news to many of our readers as well.

Interesting footage from Russia which seems to show a glowing object appear behind a TV reporter during a recording. This made news headlines in various parts of Russia last year but the mainstream media did not pick it up or chose not to. I will be adding a translation to this shortly so stay tuned. What could this object be, an Alien, UFO, or something else, as always you decide.

See my translation below (the short version (paraphrased):

Reporter: We see how this area has changed over the last 350 years…..
Cameraman: Turn around! Look!
Reporter: What is that ?! What is that?! Wooow!
News Anchor: Can you give us an idea as to what this was?
Guest Commentator: Things are being witnessed in the sky more and more…..

In essence, The field crew is shocked and the guest commentator has no explanation for what they witnessed.

Logic can give us all sorts of explanations for this event, but there seems to be a glitch in every interpretive breakdown I can come up with. The only answer that is caveat free seems to be hoax, which could very well be the case. The draw back to the hoax theory is the reaction by the reporter. Watching her closely shows no premeditation. When you’re in on a hoax it’s very difficult not to give it away with body movements such as eyes glancing unnaturally toward the area that will ultimately be the focus. One of the biggest giveaways of a video hoax is pre-event subject placement. As we can clearly see, the reporter is center screen when the action begins to unfold.

ADGUK has been a source for us on occasion and while they tend to show us hard to believe content, they always seem to have a grain of authenticity to their videos. Of course this makes for difficult conclusions. I may be wrong, but I don’t think ADGUK has ever spoofed or hoaxed the public as a knowing participant. Then again, they could be good enough to make themselves appear somewhat unassuming.

Since I’m not doing an investigation on this one, I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide what they will.

The source as mentioned several times is ADGUK over at Youtube.

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  • I kind of think an object that bright would have thrown off the exposure on a video camera being used outdoors and everything else would have gone dark in contrast. Video is very finicky outside.

  • Seamonkey

    The field footage is clearly faked, and badly. When the bright object appears, none of the shadows or highlights on the nearby house or field shift… they just distort a bit. If there were a real object that bright, we’d be seeing a whole different pattern of shadows everywhere around it.

    Also, even if there weren’t that element, she reacts very quickly to what’s behind her. It doesn’t ring true at all. Neither does the camera operators reaction… Sorry, but if you’re a professional photojournalist, and you see something like that, you have two reactions immediately. 1. You zoom your camera to get a better view of the phenomenon, and 2. You run towards it. He never even makes a move to do either.

    The studio video is pretty ragged, but it really doesn’t look to me like the speakers on the real newscast are matching up with the sounds of their words. If I had to guess, I think that the field footage is faked (not a real reporter, and the glow was added in later) and the other newsfootage may be from something else entirely. After all, they’ve got the greenscreen behind them… why isn’t there a still of the glowing object shown?

  • Peter

     not if the camera was on manual exposure.

  • Cam Villar

    What I find ludicrous is the crap that 3PHECT NONETAEB is spewing on the newscast.
    “Diskorsky Mashlurble” my ass!

  • Fake.  Professional TV cameras have better resolution.

  • Bob

    The resolution is the result of video compression, not the capabilities of the camera.  Notice the layer of distortion around the reporter’s shoulder as she moves.  This and the blockiness of the background indicate extreme compression (like trying to get an HD video small enough to fit on a mere CD).

    This may have been done to get the clip small enough for certain blogs or email limitations.

    This makes it difficult to asses remote details, such as shadows.  If fine grained, they could have been lost (smeared over) in the compression.

    My first question is whether we can find an earlier, less compressed copy.

    Of course, identifying the TV station and crew would be a help.

  • Scott_McMan

    Bob, I have the ability to examine layering in photos but not in video reproductions. That is a drawback.

    Good observations though!

  • Scott_McMan

     Boris, this is not straight from the source, see Bob’s comment above.

  • Bob

     If you, or anyone else, wish to learn more on the subject, check out http://www.videohelp.com

    The act of taking raw video and compressing it to a given format is call “video encoding.”

    Be warned, however, that once you become sensitized to video artifacts you will start noticing them everywhere.  You will never be able to “just” watch a video again :-).

  • As a native Russian speaker, I can assure you that the intonations of the cameraman and reporter are absolutely unnatural in this context. In particular, the “Oy, nichego sebe… chto eto?” bit (roughly equivalent to “Holy crap, what’s that??”) sounds like a really bad acting. Guess this is why none of the mainstream Russian media has picked up that junk.

  • Mandi

    Funny how the video has been removed….