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Cell Phone photo by David Arceneaux
Cell Phone photo by David Arceneaux
Yes, we are all getting pretty fed up with the Ketchum soap opera and who could blame us. Why can’t anything be on the up and up? If there’s DNA evidence, put it out there and let the public absorb it. If you have video of a young female sleeping and then getting up and walking away, show us the entire video for crying out loud!

Secrecy, partial reveals, almost this and could be that often gives an impression of hoax, fake, con and scam. As much as I’d like to believe these theatrics, it’s getting old, fast. That’s why I’ve been avoiding the drama as much as possible in hopes of gleaning something concrete. Unfortunately, that wait it out method has yet to bring anything to fruition.

But alas, all is not lost as I’ve come across a good old fashioned Bigfoot sighting with a fairly good story attached to it. Of course, I do know the readers won’t stand for just a story and that’s OK, because there’s a picture to go along with this round up.

Brought to public attention by the Port Arthur News, this Sasquatch encounter has it all: Fear, good description, multiple witnesses and of course a photo. The following comes to us from one of those witnesses and it’s worth the read.

It was the Oak Bluff Cemetery where Nederland, TX resident David Arceneaux had the experience of a lifetime. On that chilly December day, he claims witness to not one, but two large bipedal creatures.

Lets follow along as David recounts his amazing story:

David Arceneaux
David Arceneaux
Bigfoot sighting along Neches River?

PORT NECHES — Chill bumps rise on David Arceneaux’s arms as he looked across Block Bayou at a line of trees about 100 yards away.

“I’m not crazy. I don’t do drugs and I’m not a drinker,” Arceneaux said before telling his tale of seeing not one but two Bigfoot-like creatures huddled together one December morning.

The Nederland native visits Oak Bluff Cemetery about once a month to clean the graves of a friend and a cousin, something he has done for years without incident. But on an overcast, windless day Arceneaux got the fright of his life.

“I heard a blood curdling scream and a lady nearby asked me if I was OK. I told her it wasn’t me,” Arceneaux said as he stood, uneasily, at roughly the same spot where he saw the creatures. “We walked over to the water and looked to the left then straight ahead.”

What he saw next amazed him. Two Bigfoot-like creatures who had been throwing rocks in the water looked across at him and the unknown female. One was standing next to a tree, arms around the trunk and the other was squatted down. As the second creature rose from the crouching position Arceneaux estimated the creature was about eight-foot tall. So he snapped a photo with his phone, he said.

“All of a sudden they started walking then running through the woods,” he said of the bipedal creatures. “When they began to run, the lady said ‘I’m leaving’ and left. I stayed a few more seconds and then thought there may be a way for them to cross here so I left, scared.”


Arceneaux said he could see the face of the creature “clear as day.” There was hair from the mouth down like a man and when the creature turned he could see hair hanging down its arm.

Disturbed by what he saw, Arceneaux went home and watched an episode of “Finding Bigfoot” but had to change the channel when they played an audio recording of Bigfoot — it was too real.

“This is my first time back here since December,” he said.

Arceneaux said he spoke to a game warden, describing the situation, and was told there had been other sightings along the Neches River. Calls placed to a local game warden was not returned by Tuesday afternoon.

David’s recountal continues here….

Ironically, history shows that a native Indian tribe known as the Karankawasindian, many of whom stood 7 feet tall or more once inhabited the area of Port Neches. Could these creatures roaming the river banks be some sort of ancestor of the Karankawas? We’ve all read those stories about young Indian maidens stolen by the wild hairy men and then reappearing later, either pregnant or with a young hybrid child in tow.
These “legends” have been around for hundreds of years. Here is just a sampling of what’s out there. In fact, doing a search will bring up all sorts of meme’s in that vain.

Getting back to the real…or, more appropriately semi-real world, looking at the Neches river area and it’s history have yielded several stories of Sasquatch in the vicinity as illustrated by an incident not far from Beaumont, TX in 2007. In fact Texas has been a hotbed for Bigfoot activity as the TBRC has been researching the biped cryptid down there for many years.

So, getting back to Daivd’s report, there seems to be a lot of history to back him up. Furthermore, he doesn’t look like the kind of guy to be telling tales out of school. Of course, as always, we have to keep our BS meter’s going all the time. After all, even with this DNA thing happening as we speak, we are still in the woods (so to speak) when it comes to proving the big guy exists.

Thanks to our contributors: The Port Arthur News, The TBRC, Saquatch-pg.net and Bigfootsightings.org

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