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Anomalist Books

Gene and Chris of the well-rounded paranormal radio, The Paracast, recently interviewed the articulate professor & author Ardy Sixkiller Clarke. Clarke is the author of the book titled “Encounters with Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians”. The book is a strange look into narratives of American Indians and their encounters with the so-called Star People. The book is published by Anomalist Books.



A noted American Indian researcher offers up a collection of intimate narratives of encounters between contemporary American Indians and the Star People. The first-person accounts, described as conscious experiences and recalled without the aid of hypnosis, reveal a worldview that unquestionably accepts the reality of the StarPeople. The stories also reveal cultures that almost universally regard Star People as ancestors, which allows for interactions that take place without fear and helps explain the uniqueness of the encounters and experiences.

The stories are told by people from all walks of life. Some had graduate degrees; others had never attended school. Some were adept at technology; others had never used a cell phone, owned a computer or a television set. A few of the stories are about events that occurred before the 1947 Roswell incident, however, the majority of the events took place between 1990 and 2010.

Listening to Clarke explain these stories of people’s recent encounters with aliens is definitely worth listening to. For a such an academician like Clarke herself, the stories of the native people carry such heavy proof that she’s devoted a lot of her time into researching these strange cases across the United States.

Humanoid, short-necked beings….UFO crafts seeing depositing mock-cars into highways….You gotta listen!

The Paracast: Encounters with Star People

  • HandsOnSgt

    All N.T.O’s and those truly involved in earth’s extensive foray into the solar system, know, that as of yet there has been NO real contact with ‘Aliens’, nor has ANY vehicle from another world, been captured, backe engineered, or even been seen.
    All craft flying are ours.
    We have bases on Moon and Mars and are currently setting up a very hi tec communications system, that involves, placing RX/TX equipment and boosters etc, on asteroids and other planet moons. this is also for EFC (extended Field capabilities.)
    for those who may say, how do you know? I say, I KNOW.
    A short while ago, I told in advance of the Curiosity ‘difficulties’, them being false and a cover for other operations, not yet even hinted at by the fringe communities.
    this was shown to be correct.
    i have also commented on upper earth ‘critters’ and other things.
    I am only rarely able to comment here as i am involved deeply in the field, studied here at GT and am posting from a relatives.
    Look out for the Moon news to come in the short future. real serious mining has been in effect there for nigh on 30yrs and this will soon be brought further into the public eye. Home based telescopes are becoming too powerful, to hide activities any more.
    Also, one other thing i wish to tell you. there are ruins on other bodies in the solar system. these have definitively been identified as HUMAN in origin and date no further back than 4-5 thousand yrs old.
    -this has pre flood civilization connotations all over the facts and I should imagine, well received, or accepted, they will not be in the fringe communities.!!
    hope those who KNOW my position, enjoyed this latest info pile.
    god willing, back next time I am ‘home’.

  • prioris

    All craft flying are ours. – REALLY!!!

    there are enough anecdotal reports to indicate this just isn’t true. you think earth is isolated from the rest of the galaxy or the planets are too far apart to travel.

    At least 95% of ET information on the internet is disinformation and is designed to lead people away from the real truth. ETs have been here for tens of thousands of years. They are behind the New World Order global government

    They have been culling humans for a long time. Terrorism is just a global false flag operation they created. They have created artificial wars and conflicts and many other things to enslave humanity.

    There are ET bases all over the planet. Given that they are heavily into genetic engineering and that environment effects gene expression, who knows how many ET species have permanent bases on earth. Best guess may be 10 to 15. The NWO/governments are likely connected with off planet ETs and will never allow humans to gain an upper hand. They were probably same ET that ran Atlantis in douth china sea.

    Science books are riddled with big lies to dumb down people. It’s one reason why Tesla was written out of science books. The Theory of Relativity was scientific fraud on a mass scale. meant to keep the real science of advanced physics hidden.

    The US government has anti-gravity spacecraft traveling faster than the speed of light. They have a secret space program and would have traveled all over the solar system. They would have bases or installations on the moon and mars. The apollo astronauts never did go to the moon in the Apollo spacecraft nor were the filmed moon landing real. I would guess that the NWO/ET traveled back and forth between earth and mars when mars had more of an atmosphere. Earth has had prior advanced civilizations that have been stamped out by disasterous cosmic events