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  • Jmw326

    hmmm recently divorced mother, uncle sleeping in the house and kid feeling like someone was rubbing her back in the middle of the night.  I think I know where this is going.

  • Jacqueline A.

    HAHA if only Jmw326! My Uncle is an amazing guy who would never touch a child and I think the type of touching on my back was more of a terrifying beating than a massage. Thanks for the input tho!

  • For some reason my account says negative comments. I had -30 now I have -27 WTF?

    Anyway, I have had similar experiences, where it felt as if someone was poking my face or back, but nothing was there. When I rubbed the area, it stopped, but the pressure began again like someone pushing their finger in your back.

    When I was living alone, I was in bed one night and heard very slow footsteps. What I was hearing was the creaking floorboards as if someone was slowly walking through the apartment. Finally, it reached my bedroom door, which was slightly open. The door slowly began to open and I don’t mind saying that I almost screamed like a girl.
    It turned out to be the heating. The pipes under the floor were heating up the floorboard which were expanding and creaking.

    I still feel someone touching me on some nights, I just rub it off and move. What else can you do? For a child, it must be terrifying to experience something as rough as is explained here.

  • Monica

    It is sleep paralysis, nothing more.  I’ve had countless experiences with it and I have found myself able to move a little during them.  Disembodied voices (I heard my mom and son arguing with one another in the next room when I was home alone), mechanical noises, strange vibrations, looming feeling of someone hovering over me, studying me.  Luckily, I have NEVER seen anything or anyone.  If I concentrate hard enough, I can pull myself out of them.

  • VTech

    I had my share of such dreams, some frightening, some pleasant, some heard, some seen, ever since I was 13.I had a fairly recent, rather pleasant one that still sticks to me this day. It was one of this hot blond girl shaking me up from sleep early in the morn asking for my ‘help’. Giving that the nature of such dreams can suddenly change Freddy Krueger style, I just pretended I couldn’t be roused. Now the hot girl in the dream was of a neighbor living in my apartment complex, and wouldn’t give me a second glace in real life, as I am about a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale. So either it was some kind of wish fulfilling dream, or she or someone else is playing around with magic or witchcraft or something.

  • Jonathan F.


    As i read some of these stories and encounters, i feel that my own encounter has been validated. I was Seven years old and had begged my mother for what felt like hours to let me sleep in the living room, She at first was reluctant as i was young and she didn’t want me up all night, After the argument was made that i had no school as the next day was saturday. i had set up my pillow and blanket accordingly so that i could watch cartoons. I remember clearly getting up to use the restroom to pee, I had left the T.v on to continue watching. My mom had passed out in her room reading to my little brother ( now 16 years of age). i had stayed up for roughly an hour after finding out she was asleep. i remember i was watching the simpsons when the T.V Randomnly turned it self off. freaked out i turned on the living room light to check the plug-in when i turned around to see a translucent, dark smokey figure, The moment i saw him ( and i will say HIM after reaccuring experiences) the hairs on my whole body and i do mean whole body stood on edge. the figure did almost nothing but stand there looking at me for a moment then turn and moved to the kitchen without even placing it’s feet on the ground. after it had moved to the kitchen i ran after it in Honestly what looked and felt like a smoke trail. As soon as i turned on the kitchen light it was gone. But not just the figure the whole feeling. I am 19 years of age now and honestly almost every year on the same date ( four days from my birthday ) it’s manifested it’s self at the same time. (11:30 pm) To this date i cannot tell you if it means harm or not. All i know is it just stands there watching me…