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“Mummy, I’m not afraid to die.”
Her mother responded, “Why do you talk of dying, and you so young; do you want a lollipop?” “No,” she said, “but I shall be with Peter and June.”
The day before the devastation she said, “Mummy, let me tell you about my dream last night.”
“Darling, I’ve no time to listen,” her mother said. “Tell me again later.”
“No, Mummy, you must listen,” she persisted. “I dreamt I went to school and there was no school there. Something black had come down all over it!”
The child was killed the next day and was buried in a communal grave with two friends who also lost their lives ––Peter on one side, June on the other. The story was put together by a local clergyman and was verified and signed by both the little girl’s parents as correct.

-source: Barker, J.C. “Premonitions of the Aberfan Disaster.” Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, December 1967: page 24


Aberfan disaster

On the cold morning of October 21st, 1966, a deafening rumble shook the quaint village of Aberfan, Wales. A huge landslide had been triggered by the build-up of water and mining debris that had accumulated on top of Mynydd Merthyr. A tall ridge that loomed over the Aberfan village. With the recent downpour of rain, the debris triggered a massive landslide that slid downhill, devastating anything and everything in its path.

The tsunami of rock and shale broke through the busy classrooms at Pantglas Junior School. Within seconds, 116 children and 28 adults were crushed and buried within several feet of the black, wet, and lethal slurry.

Aberfan-schoolThe pupils of Pantglas Junior School had arrived only minutes earlier for the last day before the half-term holiday. They had just left the assembly hall, where they had been singing “All Things Bright and Beautiful“, when a great noise was heard outside. Had they left the assembly for their classrooms a few minutes later the loss of life would have been significantly reduced, as they would not have reached their classrooms when the landslide hit: the classrooms were on the side of the building nearest the landslide.

Nobody in the village was able to see it, but everyone could hear the roar of the approaching landslide. Some at the school thought it was a jet about to crash and one teacher ordered his class to hide under their desks. Gaynor Minett, then an eight-year-old at the school, later recalled:

It was a tremendous rumbling sound and all the school went dead. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone just froze in their seats. I just managed to get up and I reached the end of my desk when the sound got louder and nearer, until I could see the black out of the window. I can’t remember any more but I woke up to find that a horrible nightmare had just begun in front of my eyes.[5]

After the landslide there was total silence. George Williams, who was trapped in the wreckage, remembered:

“In that silence you couldn’t hear a bird or a child.” –source: Wikipedia


Psychiatrist Dr. John Barker lived near Aberfan and was compelled to write “Premonitions of the Aberfan Disaster.” Dr. John had collected over 76 letters, months after the disaster, from people who had a strange premonition in the days leading to the landslide. Out of the 76 letters he received from the local people of Aberfan and from around Europe, 24 of them were from people who had told others of their premonitions.

The fact that there were witnesses who could have corroborated the so-called premonitions was enough to convince Dr. John to investigate the matter further. Many of the letters involved dream, or nightmares, of the disaster. One person had erylreported that they saw the word ABERFAN spelled out in their dream. Others would dream of thick, billowing smoke around children. The letters were strange and detailed. But no report stood out more than that of 10 year old Eryl Mai Jones.

Eryl Mai was a schoolgirl who attended the doomed Pantglas School. A day before the disaster, she confessed to her mother about the strange dream she had. In her dream, the classroom had been demolished or was absent. Only to be replaced by something “black”. According to Eryl’s parents, the child was convinced that something bad was going to happen to her and her friends in the near future.

The following day, Friday, October 21st, Eryl Mai and 115 of her schoolmates perished under tons of rock and dirt.

Premonition has been debated since the beginning of time. Most will scoff at the thought that we can see into the future, while others believe that the human mind could posses such an ability as premonition. They call it a sixth sense. Could the premonitions of the Aberfan Disaster be nothing more than a sheer coincidence?

Who’s to say that the village had already been warned about the metric tons of loose soil that loomed over Aberfan. It could have weighed heavily on their minds, directly influencing the dreams of many on that stormy night. Or maybe with such an large scale disaster, most people somehow were able to tap into the collective subconscious of those who would perish being swallowed up by something black .


  • Samanthadrage

    Hi, my name is samantha i regular read the updates on this site and was suprised to see this article about the disaster. i myself live in aberfan and lost my aunty in the tragity. I often walk my dog past and through the memorial gardens and you can definatly feel a presence in that area.

  • Dung Shooken

    What I want to know is: what does Scott have to say about this?

  • “one teacher ordered his class to hide under their desks” How? They were in assembly and not the class rooms, hence no desks. Right?
    Later, Gaynor Minett states “I just managed to get up and I reached the end of my desk”. This seems to be conflicting as she doesn’t state that she was in assembly.
    Then again, they may have had desks in assembly, it just seems odd as I never saw any school that did this.

    Children do seem to be more open to sensing things that we adults can not. It is well within the realms of possibility that she could feel something and her statements were pretty accurate, unless the mothers mind is playing tricks on her after the event happened.

  • The Oshmar

    They had just left assembly and returned to their classes just before the landslide crashed into the classes.

  • Dung Shooken

    Thanks for clarifying that Oshmar, within minutes 5uperman may have begun claiming it was a government conspiracy.

  • ghosttheory

    Thank you for sharing Samantha. I’m surprised to hear we have fans in Aberfan. 
    Greetings from Los Angeles!

  •  Indeed, reading it again, that is what it says. That they left their assembly for their classrooms and it would have been worse if they had left later. I didnt read it properly.
    Unfortunately, stories like this did not stop mining companies from doing the same years later. I remember at least one instance while I was at school in the UK.

  •  Not sure why you are saying that. I was merely clarifying the story as it didnt make sense to me. Reading it again, I had clearly misunderstood the section about them leaving the class room.

  • Danielle F.

    Premonition is NOT coincidence. I have had premonitions since I was 3 years old…. 99% of which have come true. The most striking was the dream I had in which a tornado hit my mom’s house and tore off half the roof, and my sister and I stood in the back yard looking at the damage. (I had dreams my whole life about tornadoes, but this was the FIRST EVER in which there was actual damage to my mom’s house.) 4 hours later after waking up from that nightmare, my mom called and said a tornado had hit the house. I rushed over and the damage was EXACTLY what I had seen in my dream. Even more compelling, as soon as my sister heard, she flew down to Louisiana from Minnesota, and later that afternoon she and I stood in the backyard looking at the damage…. in the exact spot we had stood in my dream. It wasn’t until we had stood there several minutes that I realized every piece of my dream had come to pass.

  • RachelAshleigh

    My grandmothers sister died in the disaster, my grandmother was off that day due to an illness!

  • Eliza

    Read it again for god’s sake. The article states that, if it had happened a few minutes earlier they would have not been in their classes but either in assembly or on their way back and not on the side of the slide.

  • Wee Drop

    Twice I’ve had premonitions in the form of particularly vivid dreams 24-48 hours before the fact.
    Therefore (to me anyway) premonitions are fact not fiction.

  • Lynn Berk

    I remember the night I dreamed that my husband and I were being battered around in a huge circle of rushing water, just tumbling over and over in this gigantic wave. I dreamed it repeatedly that night. The next morning, I told Alan, “Something big is going to happen, something involving water, but it’s not going to directly affect you and me.” Don’t ask me how I knew that, but I did. The Thailand tsunami happened one or two days later. And one more: We had moved up to North Idaho and my husband was going to go back to Vegas in a day or two to finish all the moving details. The night before he left, I had this dream: I dreamed that I WAS dreaming and I heard Alan yelling something at me. In the dream, I woke up and ran into the living room where Alan was grappling with a stranger and yelling, “The gun, the gun, GET THE GUN!” Two days later, while Alan was hospitalized with heart problems, four young men broke into our Las Vegas house, armed with crow bars, and destroyed the entire first floor, causing mold damage and stealing our valuables. And that, gentle readers, is why I KNOW there are more things than Heaven or Earth…Xavier, about your book: My email is [email protected]. I used to live in Culver City, both on Beethoven Street and Glendon Avenue. Can you tell me more about the haunting? I’m intrigued. Both my parents, and later myself, lived in haunted houses. I’m a believer.