I would like nothing more than the proof of various cryptids, alien civilizations, even alien visitors to be found. But that proof will come only through rigorous science and objective analysis, and by holding evidence to the highest standards of scrutiny. Born in south eastern Pennsylvania, i have found myself at one time or another living in Chicago, Cleveland, Raleigh-Durham, on the island of Kaua'i and finally landed on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I have turned my hand to various professions from early work in 3d graphics to historic building restoration, carpentry and log home building to working in a bronze art foundry on the WWII Veterans Memorial. Currently I am a writer, script writer and working for a non profit organization called Empowerment Through Connection which is involved in equine assisted therapy for veterans, at risk teens and women.

One of our readers, BW asked me recently to do an article on Foo Fighters. Not the band, the UFO’s reported by fighter pilots and reconnaissance planes during WWII. But as often happens when I am looking at one story I come across another that just has to be told. So BW you get a two-fer.

For those new to the origins of Foo Fighters, from Wikipedia

The first sightings occurred in November 1944, when pilots flying over Germany by night reported seeing fast-moving round glowing objects following their aircraft. The objects were variously described as fiery, and glowing red, white, or orange. Some pilots described them as resembling Christmas tree lights and reported that they seemed to toy with the aircraft, making wild turns before simply vanishing. Pilots and aircrew reported that the objects flew formation with their aircraft and behaved as if under intelligent control, but never displayed hostile behavior. However, they could not be outmaneuvered or shot down. The phenomenon was so widespread that the lights earned a name – in the European Theater of Operations they were often called “kraut fireballs” but for the most part called “foo-fighters”. The military took the sightings seriously, suspecting that the mysterious sightings might be secret German weapons, but further investigation revealed that German and Japanese pilots had reported similar sightings.

But There is a lot going on in a formation of aircraft, not just among the pilots but static electricity is known to build up on wings, especially under certain weather conditions and discharge in strange ways. St Elmo’s fire being a common display known to early sailors, and seen here photographed on the tip of what appears to be an airliner wing

The fact that witnesses on every side of the war, in Europe and the Pacific witnessed and could not explain “Foo Fighters” is ample testimony that the phenomenon was not a tool of any particular party involved in the war.

Some people suggest evidence that Germany was involved in research in that regard as is illustrated by supposed records of the development of the RFZ 5 Haunebu. I have even found what is claimed to be a test flight of Haunebu.


Except the architecture of the buildings is not quite right for 1930’s-40’s Germany and the Haunebu research was, according to one of several websites dedicated to the project, done in…

a remote, inconspicuous, underdeveloped testing ground

And this video is quite obviously fits none of that description.

Then there are photos like this:

Unfortunately for the hoaxer, this is a still from the Leni Riefenstahl movie “Triumph of the Will.” This particular shot is notable for having been taken from one of the tall flagpoles behind the stage by a camera rigged to move up and down the pole on a track and pulley system. The camera can be seen in long shots that face the stage. The flying disc, not so much.

Looking deeper into the stories there is mention of the secret Vril Society.

Many references in this video erode credibility to the entire story.

Aldebaran, which is referred to as having planets inhabited by intelligent life would seem to lack planetary bodies at all according to analysis done in 1993.

The Age of Aquarius, referring to when the sun rises within the constellation Aquarius on the vernal equinox, is an undefined event because the constellations have no defined boundaries and could have started as soon as 1930 and as late as 2012. Hardly something you could consider imminent without simply deciding what you want to believe against all evidence.

And if the Germans had Vril power why pursue Zeppelins as a means of transportation when you can generate virtually free energy to transport vehicles through interstellar space? Add to that, Germany is currently a leader in use of alternative energy, deriving roughly 25% of its energy from bio-gas, wind, and solar. Where is the Vril power that could solve the Earth’s energy problems into the foreseeable future?

Then there arises the question that if you can produce Vril power, in some documents employing a Marconi Vortex Dynamo which uses rapidly spinning mercury to generate anti-gravity (a feat yet to be accomplished 60-70 years later) and master the technologies described to you by psychics channeling alien cultures why are you so horribly inept at building a relatively simple atomic bomb? Why would you even try?

According to US News

After a German and an Austrian discovered fission in 1938, almost everyone thought Germany would be the first to build nuclear weapons. In August 1939, Albert Einstein warned President Roosevelt of the threat. Dread of a Nazi A-bomb drove the Manhattan Project. Yet an Allied mission code-named Alsos, following on the heels of troops liberating Europe, found only a primitive program. No working nuclear reactor. No large quantities of separated Uranium-235, a basic bomb ingredient. No credible bomb design. “Sometimes we wondered if our government had not spent more money on our intelligence mission than the Germans spent on their whole project,” wrote Alsos scientific director Samuel Goudsmit.

Despite reports of Russians capturing downed Nazi Haunebu craft, we see none of the technology or weapons described manifesting in modern warfare. It certainly did not help them in Afghanistan in the 1980’s. The US is well documented for having liberated German scientists at the end of WWII and yet it took another twenty years to fully realize a space program that relied then and now upon chemical propellants. And despite that various reports of German UFO development refer back to the 1930’s, none of those reports surfaced until after 1947? The year of the watershed events of the Kenneth Arnold sighting and Roswell when UFO’s and flying saucers entered the popular culture.

To read more about the Nazi UFO story check out Ron Arndt’s Website

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  • Dung Shooken

    Well at least you posted the Fifth Dimension video.

  • BW


    Thank you for the article!

    Browsing the web indicates the topic of FF’s has been hotly debated with the two most prominent camps being those who claim it was some kind of Nazi weapon and those who assert it was aerial E-M phenomena.

    http://civilianmilitaryintelligencegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Foo_Fighter.png purports to be photo of Foo Fighters — anyone know what kind of aircraft are in the photo, they look a bit like Japanese “Vals” to me.

    While giving an appropriate nod to German scientific prowess, I don’t see any reason to believe this phenomena was some kind of German device … and even had it been, why would they have been seen in the Pacific Theater as well ?

    As puzzling as they were in the 1940’s … their real importance may have been as a precursor aerial object phenomenon to the flying saucer craze just a couple of years later.

    I thought the Robertson Panel report mentioned metallic disks being spotted by aircrew as well (as part of the FF phenomenon), but now think that bit may be spurious. I can’t be sure as I don’t have a copy of the report and it is possible that parts of it may still be classified.



  • I came across that photo as well, and was unable to satisfactorily identify the planes. The leading contender is an early Japanese model, but there was no definitive ID that I found and could corroborate.

  • How could I not

  • huh? That light on the planes wing is exactly where the light is on the corner of the wing tip. St Elmos light is more like lightening, sparking and jumping. This is more of an ambient light.

    By the look of the wingtip, it seems to be an Airbus a320/319 and that has a blue light in the exact location we can see it in the image provided.

    That being said, there are countless reports of lights being seen around planes (sometimes moving in formation or circling the plane and then shooting off at insane speeds) as well as st elmos fire which is usually seen on the cockpit windows, leading edges of the wing and wingtips.

    The germans had loads of projects documented that they never completed or even started. They simply wanted to make people believe that they could do this as they were, after all, the master race.

  • BW

    Interesting comments by Nick Pope at http://www.nickpope.net/ufos-an-official-history.htm



  • BW

    Here’s a report. Source at bottom.

    Headquarters VII Bomber Command
    Mission Report No. 11-327
    Date: 2 May 1945 (GCT)

    The crews of plane #616 over FALA ISLAND, TRUK ATOLL, at 021802Z observed 2 airborne objects at their 11,000 foot altitude changing from a cherry red to an orange, and to a white light that would die out and then become cherry red again. These objects were out on either wing and not within range of caliber-50 machine guns. Both followed the B-24 through all types of evasive action. A B-24 took a course for GUAM and one of the pursuers dropped off at 021900Z after accompanying the B-24 for an hour. The other continued to follow, never approaching closer than 1000 yards and speeding up when the B-24 went thru clouds to emerge on the other side ahead of the B-24. In daylight it was seen to be bright silver in color.

    From page 7 of “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry”, by Michael D. Swords and Robert Powell.



  • HandsOn Sgt

    The fact, that much of the vehicle technologies, used in the craft, flying around the skies, were seeded by the Nazi science teams; is one of the major reasons for the Alien legend and fed alien disinformation.

    This uncomfortable truth, is more damaging, than ‘Oooh they covered up Aliens! etc’.

    There is much truth in the Nazi Bell stories and the like. Just enough for the plot-hungry, conspiratorially minded, to have a knowledge and acceptance of, but not enough to be proven absolutely.

    Of all the advance/exotic propulsion ships in *current service, the bell shape is one of the most obvious and easily identifiable. (along with the triangle design.)
    These are all OUR ships. with an Earthly origin.

    As an interesting aside: it is only fairly recently, that all the dangers on a human, due to the various propulsion methods utilized, have been dealt with.
    I can tell you that many humans were killed, or made terminally ill, dying in agony, due to the early testing and trials, of the Nazi bell and it’s related further seeding.

    NB: *Current service.

    Comes under the primary authority of J.S.O.C; until twice the shuttle’s orbit. Once beyond the orbit of the US maintained, triplet sat system. then J.S.O.C relinquishes command to another authority, directly related to the mentioned Nazi science teams history and development: though far more insular and related primarily to Off world missions, mining and defense projects/testing etc..

    These are facts. believe, or disbelieve, as you wish.

  • Post some corroboration, until then they are merely opinion.

  • The Oshmar

    HandsOn Sgt never posts anything that has links, corroboration or anything to back it up. Tried to get him to back up his stories in the past to no avail.

  • The foofighters seem to employ a computerized controle technology that was not available to the Germans at that tme, so these probably have another explanation.

    But there were experiments with disc-shaped flying vehicles in Germany in the 30es and under the war, some possibly with unconventional propusion. This technology was taken over by SSSR and USA after the war, and probably developed further by those countries. Therefore many UFOs are likely secret military vehicles. About alien abduction, please see here:


  • There is nothing at your link.