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A friend of mine just pointed this out to me. I didn’t even know something like this was in the works. The new documentary on the Amityville Horror is supposed to shed a new light, or at least a new perspective, of what happened inside that Long Island home in 1975.

But wait, wasn’t the whole case deemed a hoax?

Throughout the years many accusations have come forward marking this story a clever ploy to cash in on the DeFeo murders. The haunting, according to the Lutz family, started right after they had moved into the macabre house. Old furniture, toys, clothes, and blood stained walls became their new home. The story of the haunting began when (in)famous paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, began investigating the Lutz’s claims of paranormal activity. Since then, the Amityville Horror has become an American hoax classic.

Danny Lutz was just a child when he lived in the house on 112 Ocean Avenue in 1975. He’s now re-telling his family’s story in a new documentary by director Eric Walter:

Director Eric Walter says he wanted “My Amityville Horror” to show the lingering psychological impact of the event on one of its witnesses (or is it participants?). “For me that’s the real story, the real Amityville horror, to be living in the shadow of something for the rest of your life,” he said to the New York Times.

“The Amityville Horror,” as it has come to be known, has long been in the public consciousness, inspiring the 1979 film starring Margot Kidder and James Brolin, several sequels, and a 2005 remake starring Melissa George and Ryan Reynolds (who had almost as impressive a beard as Brolin’s). People still seek out the house at 112 Ocean Avenue (even though it’s now nearly unrecognizable), hoping to catch a glimpse, or at least a feeling, of whatever took hold of Butch DeFeo and sent the Lutzes fleeing into the night. Source: Yahoo Movies

  • Elhombre

    I watched this last week. Well worth a watch.
    He certainly is carrying some baggage around the poor guy.

  • Mandi

    Did you have to redbox this or anything like that or could I find it one netflix?

  • Mandi

    I got to see this and it was amazing. I always felt bad for the kids, but I really felt my heart break for him after watching this. Dan has a hard time opening up about his past but he does and it’s so sad to hear about everything.

  • Jess Miller

    does anyone know Danny Lutz? I would love to listen to his story and see the house….call me a weirdo but I cant get over these movies and records I’ve been reading regarding the history of this houses residents