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With April first two full weeks away, only the hardcore jokers are thinking about April Fools Day. However, in this case it’s difficult not to suspect some sort of wacky post cold war shenanigans.

A report has come out of a Ukraine Military Training Facility that 3 heavily armed and dangerous Dolphins have escaped captivity. Furthermore, these Dolphins have been trained to kill humans.

The Ukrainian government is denying everything, but wouldn’t they do that anyway? Of course it is hard to believe, albeit, stranger things have happened.

Here’s the scoop from Yahoo:

No, it’s not a promo for the latest sci-fi movie. There are claims circulating that three dolphins have escaped from a Ukrainian military training facility armed with head-mounted guns and knives and trained to attack humans.

Could this seemingly outrageous claim actually be true? Unfortunately, the U.S. media has nothing on a number of international publications that publish completely fabricated tales, often to score political points. And for their part, the Ukrainian government has denied the claim, calling it a “fabrication” and a “gross provocation.”

The Russian publication RIA Novosti claims that the Ukrainian dolphin program is two-fold: Training the dolphins to detect and mark mines but also equipping them with weapons to attack enemy human swimmers who may pose a threat to Ukrainian navel vessels.

Interestingly, Wired points out that some Russian soldiers are actually trained to combat dolphins in case they are attacked by them while on a mission.


And as sensational as it may sound, it’s not like this story simply appeared out of thin air. As several news outlets have reported, the former Soviet Union engaged in similar training practices with dolphins and the sea-faring mammals have been used by countries around the world in various naval exercises, including in the U.S. Navy.

On its website, the Navy explains: “The U.S. Navy has found that the biological sonar of dolphins, called echolocation, makes them uniquely effective at locating sea mines so they can be avoided or removed. Other marine mammals like the California sea lion also have demonstrated the ability to mark and retrieve objects for the Navy in the ocean. In fact, marine mammals are so important to the Navy that there is an entire program dedicated to studying, training, and deploying them.”

Take a trip over to Yahoo to read what the Navy has to say about the negative aspects of using Dolphins in warfare…..

While I am not convinced that this story is real, I did mention that stranger things have happened in modern war history.

The Soviets used to train dogs to look for food under tanks and then starve them, strap bombs to them and set them loose after enemy tanks. The US is said to have built ships out of ice and wood pulp due to the scarcity of metal toward the end of WWII. If you think this is strange, there were even weirder things being experimented with such as pigeon guided missiles and bat bombs. You can read more on the bizarre weapons of warfare in Associated Content below.

Getting back to Dolphins, most of us know that they are a very intelligent mammal with very large brains, but here’s a few things you might not know:

Dolphins can live up to 50 years and can hold their breath for as much 30 minutes in some instances. They live and work as family units and find food using echo location. The US Navy has been working with Dolphins for years and has trained them to do all sorts of things ranging from mine location (as mentioned in the quoted material) to spearing enemy frogmen.

One thing many of us don’t realize is that many Dolphin species are endangered, due to pollution, overfishing and frankly many other reasons attributed to (you guessed it) humans.

One final note, wild Dolphins are not all playful, fun loving friends of the sea. They can be violent and even vengeful. They often attack and play with prey just for fun, somewhat like a cat with a bird. They are also very sexual and have been known to attack women during that time of the month. These run ins have been documented in “Swim With Dolphin” tanks as well as the rare open water accost.

Bonus Content: Weird Weapons – The Allies

The primary source for this story was Yahoo with the video coming from Youtuber LightningWar1939. Other contributors mentioned in Associated Content.

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  • +1 for Dr McNinja reference

  • The Oshmar

    While to Soviets did train dogs to blow up enemy tanks as you said they encountered a problem, the dogs would also run under soviet tanks and blow those up too. Double edged blade on that one, that’s why the project was scrapped. As for the Bat bombs, these also came to an abrupt end partly due to an embarrassing test gone wrong ending with a friendly fire incident. The moral? Don’t use animals for your sick wars humans.

  • “Day of the Dolphin” still one of my favorites of the 1970’s dark sci fi genre which brought us classics like “Logan’s Run” and “Rollerball.”

  • I think the ice ship was planned, but never built. It was a solid design and stronger than any ship. But I bet it was bloody freezing! I wouldnt have wanted to work on it.