Atacama Humanoid

Atacama Humanoid

Open Minds TV has done some considerable background work on the Atacama Alien Humanoid, tracing its original discovery to the ghost town of Atacama in Chile, its travels, changes of ownership and previous analysis.



Analysis of the Atacama humanoid alien

Posted by: Antonio Huneeus April 11, 2013

We posted earlier this week a story outlining the origin of the alleged tiny ET creature to be showcased in Dr. Steven Greer’s Sirius documentary to be released later this month. We chronicled how this creature was none other than a case known in Chile as the La Noria ET from 2003; the name comes from a ghost town of the nitrate era in this part of Chile’s northern Atacama Desert region. We left the story sort of in a cliff hanger as to what happened to it once it was acquired by a Spanish businessman from Barcelona.

We’ve discovered since a number of things, including the original 7 minute TV program about the case aired by Chile’s Megavisión Channel V shortly after the creature’s discovery was published in the local press. You can now see this program on YouTube in Spanish, and it shows exactly the location where the creature was discovered, as well as interviews with Oscar Muñoz, the man who found it, Alejandro Dávalos, the first one to photograph the being, and well known Chilean ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida, director of the AION UFO research group.

Okay, this is a spoiler alert. I have not seen the Steven Greer Documentary Sirius that Xavier reported on earlier, so cannot say what results are described therein, but if you read further there is a conclusion given as to the nature of this little body. So if you don’t want to know, read  no further.

Navia-Osorio provides the text of two scientific documents in his report. The first one is the “radiological” report signed by doctors E. Feijoo, C. López and J. M. Colomer. It basically consists on a detailed description of the creature itself but it obviously avoids giving any conclusion about its origin. It is clear from this report, however, that the creature is not a crude hoax as was cavalierly suggested by a Complutense scientist who suggested (while remaining anonymous) that the whole thing was a hoax made with bird bones.

The second transcribed document is a forensic medical report written by Dr. Francisco Etxeberria Gabilondo, a professor of Legal and Forensic Medicine in the Basque Country University, and specialist in Forensic Anthropology with the Complutense University, who wrote the study at the bequest of the IIEE (probably for a fee, although that is not mentioned). Dr. Etxeberria wrote that, “it’s a mummified body with all typical the characteristics of a fetus. The body has a length of 14 cm and displays all the structures and anatomical links normal for the head, trunk and extremities.” He continues with a detailed description of each part of the body and finally gives his overall view:

Atacama Alien Xray. (Credit: IIEE)

“Taken as a whole, the proportions of the anatomical structures (skeleton and softer parts), the level of development of each one of its bones and its macroscopic configuration, allow us to interpret it without any shadow of doubt as a completely normal mummified fetus…Both based on the total length of the body as well as the length of the bones, it can be estimated that it’s a fetus in an approximate gestation period close to 15 weeks.”

The Greer Connection

The final part of Ramón Navia-Osorio’s long article describes briefly how Dr. Steven Greer became involved in this case. The link was made by Dr. Bravo, a female doctor from Dallas, who brought Dr. Greer to the IIEE office in Barcelona. The Spanish researcher mentions here some of the claims contained in the promotional material released by the producers of the Sirius documentary, including DNA sequencing which allegedly found the Atacama being had an “unknown classification.” Until we see the film, we can’t judge how valid is the scientific evidence presented.

That, in essence, is the saga of the little mummy from its early days in the Chilean ghost town to Spain’s scientific labs. In his final conclusions, Navia-Osorio writes that, “we are not among those who claim that it’s an ET, although morphologically speaking it really looks similar to some of them. We can’t deny that, but before asserting it we must consider other possibilities. In summary, we don’t have conclusive proof that can determine the nature of the specimen.”

Steven Greer is, on the surface one of the more reasonable UFO believers, I give him that. He has many worthwhile things to say about clean energy and cleaning up the planet. I don’t really care about the debate over global climate change, cleaning up after ourselves is just something we should be responsible for regardless of the impact we may or may not have on our own environment. When it comes to his theories on Aliens, I have yet to see a single piece of evidence that stands out above the typical believer rhetoric or unsubstantiated anecdotal report. I will still watch the documentary, because the subject interests me but even from these few pictures it should be apparent that the this body is of human origin, and the rumors and urban legend surrounding it are as easily dismissed. The chances that an alien species so closely follows our anatomy are, no pun intended, astronomically high.

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