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No, there isn’t an echo.

One of the long standing criticisms of Bigfoot is the absence of any substantiated reports of anyone finding remains. Really, if such a large animal were to die in the woods, someone, some time must have stumbled across some.

Now, two boys in Massachusetts have found what might possibly be a Big-foot.

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Boys Find Decomposing “Sasquatch Foot” in Woods, Police Investigating

04/18/2013 1:21 PM
Dana Newkirk

Did two young boys stumble across the decomposing remains of a Bigfoot foot in the Lakeville, Massachusetts woods this week?

On March 29th Sgt. Steven Leanues arrived to the wooded area just off Pantheon Road where the boys had described to local authorities what they found during their outing. What Leanues discovered was what looked to be a strange, partially decomposed foot, possibly belonging to a human being.

Enterprise News reports that the strange foot was sent by Lakeville Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera to a medical examiner, but the returning results caused more questions than answers. The foot, it seems, is not human at all.

I have to go with this being a bear’s paw. People are just not accustomed to seeing animal anatomy because they are covered with fur. It can be amazing how much they are similar to us.

Here is a bear paw photo I found online for reference


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  • The Oshmar

    I thought it was a bear part when I first saw it too.

  • Bear paws, skinned, are often mistaken for human. http://t.co/KpcG20ZUaE

  • Jrof

    It’s a root.

  • Dung Shooken

    “I thought it was a bear part when I first saw it too.”

    Depends on which one of these two photos shows the discovered part.
    Assuming it’s the first photo, the tips of the toes look to have toenails, not a claws.

  • Yes, it is the photo with the quote from the article.

    Sorry, I will label the reference photo, and thank you for pointing out that omission.

  • IThinkso

    What kind of an animal could do such a thing to poor baby.

  • IThinkso
  • The Oshmar

    Nailed it.