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Hunting Ghosts In The Nude: Extremist or Just Crazy?

January 19, 2015 – 6:53 AM | 2,589 views

I think most of you will agree, Naked and Afraid is one weird show. Sending people off into the wilderness, without even a strip of cloth to wear? That seems like a perfect realization of the …

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The Week In Weird

Submitted by on May 10, 2013 – 7:27 AM2 Comments | 857 views

Greg and Dana over at Who Forted have added a new feature to the blog. A video digest of the week’s strangest stories.

Show up for the weird, stay for Dana’s impersonations and Like them on YouTube.

And for those of you wondering “how can I possibly do this myself? Video production is so technical!”

Greg has posted a few behind the scenes updates to his FaceBook page.

“Nothing screams pro-video more than using .99 cent battery clamps to hold your green screen in place.”


“So we just averaged about 5 hours for each minute of video in the final cut. Yeaahh.. definitely going to need to shave that down next time. Dana is happy to be finished.”

[email protected]

And don’t forget to visit Lindsay, say Hi and Like us (too) on our FaceBook Page.

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  • Dana Newkirk

    This is so awesome!!! Thanks a bunch for covering it, it means a lot!

  • Henry

    Happy to do it.