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The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Facebook page has this announcement:

A joint statement will be released tomorrow in regards to the “Bigfoot shot in PA rumor.” One of the investigators on the case has a meeting with an officer from the municipal police department. Some very interesting information was shared with us today that confirms my thoughts. Details to be released tomorrow evening.

Continue reading below for the rest of the story and I will bring you the announcement as soon as I can.

There is a rumor circulating that another bigfoot has been shot and killed by a turkey hunter in the woods around Altoona Pennsylvania.

So far it is only rumors and Bigfoot Evidence is posting this statement.

At this point all this is rumor and a claim. Once I have more info and more details, I’ll update you. I can confirm we are investigating this claim, but as of right now. That’s all it is, is a claim. We do not have any information or proof to support this claim. Once I have more information that I can confirm, I will let you know. Until we do, no further rumors will be released. We do not want to jeopardize any possible legitimate information at this time.

The local newspaper, the Altoona Mirror has nothing on this story, and IF reports are to be believed that this story was overheard on a police scanner, according to sources who attributted to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Facebook Page

“You guys might want to check out the Somerset County state police call log,” he wrote. “I heard a call come over my scanner [saying that] a gobbler hunter shot a Bigfoot this morning and they did find a body. This is no joke, that call was real. ”

Then I should suspect that something would appear in the police log or newspaper for the area and I find nothing. And while  I also did not find the quote above on the P.B.S Facebook page, what I did find was a report from last month.

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
April 18 via mobile
Upon further investigation, PBS.member Dave Rupert upon follow up learned that the Clearfield River road reports were a publicity stunt for the upcoming unveiling by a local artist of a 12 foot tall bigfoot statue to be put on display in the local park. Sorry folks, no Bigfoot on this one, but there are still reports that come out of Clearfield County. Good.work Dave!

Of course this is only going to fuel conspiracy and cover-up accusations. I will keep looking but am not holding my breath on this one.

If you hear anything either way, feel free to let me know.

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  • The Oshmar

    Man, I thought bigfoot was supposed to be hard to find, everyone and their dog seems to be bagging and tagging them.

  • I want to believe.