I love the opening statement on this video:

Back in 2008 some predictions were made by a team of the top, military trained “remote viewers” – each with over a decade of successful service.

The video goes on to discus how the military is utilizing remote viewers in place of the more complex and expensive technology of, say, thermometers to monitor climate change around the world. Don’t feel like this is a spoiler, it isn’t. The best, and the END are yet to be revealed.


So world governments have prepared for a cataclysmic meteor strike to happen BY 2013 (so it should have happened already, right?).
They are preparing for the massive tidal waves by never once having held an evacuation drill in any coastal city or other populated area.
They are preparing for increased solar radiation caused by this meteor (?) by handing out sunscreen the same way they make sure there is enough flu vaccine.
And digging huge underground projects in places that are difficult for the population to reach.
Wouldn’t you think that underground survival bunkers would be better located in places that are above the flooding but really pretty easy to get to otherwise? So people CAN get to them.

China is building reinforced subways in its major cities. Really? I am not even going to research if this is true. Here’s why. Most of China’s major cities are on or near enough to it’s coast or major rivers that if massive tsunamis are caused by a huge meteor strike, the last place you should want to be is trapped underground in one of those cities! Especially when (political issues aside) You Own Tibet! You know, in the Himalayas, at high altitude. They call it the roof of the world for a reason. Even Roland Emmerich got that idea right.

Meanwhile in Moscow… one of the world power capitals that is farthest from any large body of water (928 miles from Riga, Latvia on the coast of the Baltic is about the closest) they are building bomb shelters to protect the population? From Flooding?

NO! Because while The Weather Channel cannot accurately tell me if it is going to rain on Wednesday, NASA has predicted unprecedented solar flare activity and yet keeps sending people to the ISS for classic rock performances. Solar flares happen in cycles, by the way, and are somewhat predictable, but not more so than is being proposed here and severity is still a crap shoot.

The video asks, “Could the remote viewing predictions be correct?”

No they are dead wrong. There has never been any evidence to support remote viewing as anything other than a few lucky guesses well within statistical probability and only wishful thinking says otherwise, while revisionist analysis in hindsight, provided by the seers themselves offers the only news of successes.

Central to this particular story is The Farsight Intitute headed by “Dr” Courtney Brown and his lovely assistant Prudence. Prudence Calabrese who after implication in hoaxes and lies while a part of Farsight, left TFI and formed her own now defunct organization Trans-dimensional Systems.

The Farsight Institute has been offering its Non-Prophet services since 1995, and only in 2008 did it begin its research into global climate change. Way to get ahead of the curve there guys! How come you didn’t say anything about this BEFORE anyone else?

However, their remote viewing of Atlantis has located pictures of the lost continent on Google Earth which have been posted by people who simply spent the time to look there.

RemoteViewer.Org has this background on Dr. Brown’s training and qualifications:

Courtney Brown took an Eight Day remote viewing course taught by Psi Tech, and subsequently created his own remote viewing institute – Farsight, teaching SRV. (Scientific Remote Viewing)

A full eight days, that must have been exhausting!
So I looked into Psi Tech:

Since 1989, when PSI TECH ushered the remote viewing technology out of the confines of military intelligence, PSI TECH has been the world leader in developing, testing, and refining Technical Remote Viewing training programs for our students. PSI TECH pioneered commercial remote viewing services and was the first company to offer remote viewing training. We also pioneered the world’s first remote viewing distance learning programs, which in the last decade spawned an entire industry.

PSI TECH currently offers the public several remote viewing training options, including our Generation II TRV Self Study Courses and the new Technical Remote Viewing University, which delivers unparalleled convenience, flexibility and real-time support to our students. (More)

And since the successful completion of that course, Dr. Brown has successfully attempted to perpetrate a fraud regarding a planet sized UFO following along in the wake of the Hale Bopp comet.

On January 14, 1997 a photo attributed to a “mystery astronomer” and purporting to show a “companion object” near Comet Hale-Bopp was posted on the web sites of radio personality Art Bell and author Whitley Strieber. This was the long-awaited photo given to Bell and Strieber by remote viewer Dr. Courtney Brown, first mentioned by Brown and his Farsight Institute employee Prudence Calabrese on Art Bell’s nationally syndicated radio program on November 29, 1996 [see CNI News vol 2, no. 18 of Dec 1]. On that show, Brown and Calabrese claimed that remote viewing of Hale-Bopp showed the companion object to be huge and “sentient,” possibly a “planet-sized spacecraft.” They also said they believed the “mystery astronomer” would come forward within a few weeks to confirm the existence of the companion.

However, just one day after the photo was posted, it was shown to be a hoax, casting grave suspicion on the “mystery astronomer” and on the remote viewing efforts of the Farsight Institute. The fraudulent nature of the photo was demonstrated on James Neff’s Enigma web site, www.anc.net/~neff/fake.html.

In March of 1997 the Heaven’s Gate UFO Doomsday cult committed suicide.

On March 26, 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group who had committed mass suicide in order to reach what they believed was an alien space craft following the Comet Hale–Bopp, which was at its brightest.

Courtney Brown claims he received the image anonymously from an “astronomer” (because in astronomy when you discover an object you really don’t want it named after you) and continued to defend his predictions afterward despite no further evidence of any such object ever manifested.

In 1998 Prudence Calabrese, offered a confession regarding the practices she had observed at Farsight which is excerpted here.

“I am writing this to confess my sins: bad science and bad judgement. I will make no case to exonerate myself. As a person who is quite capable of making intelligent decisions, and as a person trained in the sciences, I am embarrassed at the way I have failed my friends, my fellow remote viewers, and my scientific upbringing.

“What I participated in over the course of a year and a half was nothing less than the manipulation of the public’s mind, not by outright lying, but by the selective representation, improper analysis, and overblown presentation style of remote viewing data.

“It does not matter that I never had the intention of misleading the public. It does not matter that I was carried away by what I, myself, had ‘seen’ during remote viewing. It does not matter that I was a student of remote viewing, involved in a learning process. It does not even matter that I, in as vocal a way as possible within the confines of my employment, spoke openly about the problems inherent in targeting the unverifiable, and drawing conclusions from the data obtained.

“I failed in my moral responsibility to let the public know exactly what was occurring with the data on esoteric targets publicly presented by The Farsight Institute (under the direction of Dr. Courtney Brown).

“The data are both flawed and incomplete.

“All of those esoteric ‘special projects’ done at Farsight, and still linked to in the ‘Sessions’ section of The Farsight Institute Web Site were done under one or more of the following less-than-optimal conditions:

1. Semi-blind sessions, where the monitor knows the target and the viewer does not. All sessions where the monitor knew what the target was are flawed, due to the potential (and likelihood) for telepathic overlay, subtle leading by the monitor, and leading by cuing from the monitor.

2. Selective presentation (in ALL projects), where only the sessions that the analyst feels are “on target” are presented. Others that have opposing viewpoints, or data not consistent with the analyst’s interpretation of the data are discarded. In some cases, the analyst was also a viewer!

3. Leading Cuing, where the tasker makes an assumption and names the unverifiable thing in the target cue. Example: “Martians under Santa Fe Baldy (current time)” or “Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet.” How can such sessions provide objective data? If the cue says Martians, then Martians the student viewers will find.

4. Deep analytical overlay, due to strong ideas on the part of the analyst about what should or should not be in the data.

5. Methods and procedures that changed on a sometimes daily basis, without the benefit of looking at the comparative results from a selection of controlled sessions, before something was implemented Institute-wide.

“The truth of the matter is this: we do not understand, yet, what occurs in remote viewing when the subject matter is unverifiable. I personally believe that ‘extraterrestrials’ exist in some form and have been interacting with humanity for eons. I personally believe that there may have been Martians on Mars. I personally believe in the possibility of many things that I can not prove. I want to search for the truth behind these things, and I will use remote viewing to assist me in some way. I will not, however, use remote viewing as the answer to anything. It is just one more tool that we, as conscious human beings on the planet Earth, possess.”

Prudence Calabrese has since disappeared from the public and even presumably the remote eye. She did come forward after September 11th and claim, in typical psychic fashion, to have predicted the attack back in 1997 while still part of Farsight.

Despite claims in the video that the predictions of a catastrophic collision with the Earth ( which should have happened by now, or at least the object become visible to the naked eye ) come from military trained  remote viewers, all the predictions seem to come from Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute, which by the confession of its one time Vice President employs considerably less than rigorous methods. Brown himself was not trained by the military but by PSI TECH in a rigorous course that lasts longer than a week!

To any remote viewers who would like to prove me wrong, feel free to let me know what I have been up to and contact me at


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