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If you were driving through south London’s Battersea borough you would miss them. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, brick to brick, are the houses on the Eland and Wycliffe Road . As they stand and once stood. Two quintessential south …

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Mysterious Arrival: The Man From Taured

Submitted by on May 22, 2013 – 9:06 AM30 Comments | 65,641 views
Jim Jarmusch, Stranger Than Paradise, 1984.

Jim Jarmusch, Stranger Than Paradise, 1984.

It certainly was a busy and muggy day at a feverish Tokyo airport one day in 1954. Those passengers who had just deplaned stood in a somber queue, waiting for the Customs agents to review and properly stamp their passports.
As the hordes of passengers spill out from the terminals, one passenger, a tall mysterious man, stood apart from the rest.

The man presented an authentic looking European passport and carried European currency from several countries and carried himself in a professional manner but that wasn’t what alerted the authorities. No matter how much they had searched, the Customs agents could not find the European country that had issued him the passport anywhere in their maps. The unheard country of Taured. When they asked the Caucasian man to point on their map where Taured was located, he answered them in fluent Japanese. The man told them that it was a small country in Europe, nestled between France and Spain. When the agents produced a map, he pointed to where the Principality of Andorra, Spain, rests.

The mysterious man took a step back when he realized his country did not exist on any of the maps. He claimed that the country of Taured has been there for almost 1,000 years and that he has never heard of Andorra. He produced a driver’s license issued by the government of Taured and accompanying documents such as bank statements and business papers but they were found to be invalid, alongside his bank account. There was an eerie silence in the interrogation room as all of the Customs agents stared at the new arrival. The tall mysterious man from Taured looked as confused as they were.

The Arrival

It had been nine years since the end of World War II and Tokyo was busier than ever. The city began to sprawl as more and more countries landed . Most of the travelers to the Island country found themselves in long queues waiting to get their passport stamped and allowed entry into the country. Life in Japan was returning to normal except of course for the high strangeness that was going on inside the Customs interrogation room.

interrogation-roomEight hours after landing, the mysterious man from Taured sat tired and frustrated in the cramped interrogation room. He kept insisting that he was from the country of Taured and was in Japan on a business trip. The man told the officials that he had been traveling to Japan from Taured for the last five years without problems. He pointed to the past stamps that were issued on his passport to prove that he’d been traveling back and forth from Taured to Japan without any problems in the past.

Airport officials then placed a phone call to the company the man claimed to work for and found that it did not exist. Tired and getting nowhere, they decided to send the man to a guarded hotel room so that he could rest while the proper authorities were contacted and a follow-up investigation was planned. The mystery man left the Tokyo airport escorted by police and Customs officials.


He was placed inside a hotel room high above the hustling city streets. With only a small window and no ledge. After a light dinner at the hotel’s kitchen, he was escorted back to his room where he stayed the entire night. The guards reported not seeing or hearing him after the door was closed. When morning approached, they knocked and received no answer. Upon entering the room they officials were shocked to discover that he had vanished. With no possible escape routes other than the well guarded front door, Japanese officials scratched their heads in total bewilderment.

An extensive search was subsequently launched by the Tokyo police department only to come up empty handed. There was no sign of him anywhere. As mysteriously as he had appeared on that Tokyo airport that fateful day in 1954, the man from Taured vanished.

Just a story?

The story appeared in the book “The Directory of Possibilities”, Colin Wilson & John Grant [Corgi Paperback, 1982. ISBN: 0-552-119946].

No one knows for certain if this was a factual account. No documents or newspaper clippings exist other than what was written by Colin Wilson and John Grant.

In the story of ‘The Man from Taured’ we learn that an European visitor to Tokyo seems to be caught between two worlds. One of which the man’s reality seems similar to ours, except of course for the country that doesn’t exist. At least in our wormhole-shanghai-tunnel-flickr-stuck-in-customsworld. Taured exists in no map, yet the man carried official documentation to prove otherwise. So what really happened in that muggy Tokyo airport in 1954?

Could the man from Taured have been a traveler caught between a wormhole? One that sent him unknowingly into our dimension. An alternate universe in which things played out entirely different. A world that lived under the control of the Axis side.

Another explanation is that the man from Taured was telling the truth. As far as he was concerned, he came from the country of Taured. He’s always known of his country to exist, and had never heard of The Principality of Andorra before seeing it printed on the Japanese world map. As far as he was concerned, everyone had to be playing a prank on him. However we all know that Andorra clearly has existed for quite some time and that the Allies won the war. So could this man be a spy for some dark government agency sent on a mission to Japan? A brainwashed spook that was given a false identity alongside all documentation to make him believe.

The Principality of Andorra has certainly had a long history with war and politics, so that explanation wouldn’t be such a stretch.

What happened inside that Tokyo airport we may never know. One thing is for certain, strange things happen every single day.


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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

  • Melody Herman

    I have never heard of this. Thank you for sharing. What an intriguing read!!!

  • Joon Amon

    I’ve heard of this type of story before, though I think it was with a German man?

  • realthog

    other than what was written by Colin Wilson and John Grant

    Except that the entry in question was written by neither of them but, as clearly indicated in the book, by Paul Begg. Have you tried to find a copy of Begg’s own book, Into Thin Air?

  • sjr71

    That’s so interesting, I am a paranormal investigator and the more years I’ve done this the more skeptical I become about the ghost theory and myself thinking on the lines of parallel universe

  • idioticidioms

    I believe in the possibility of both spirits and parallel Universes. I believe that anything we imagine becomes reality somewhere. We are already dealing with the momentum of countless other realities coming together before us to shape our own and there’s been countless ways that it could have gone at any given time. I believe it’s what gives rise to the stories told by our writers; the pictures drawn and made by our artists; the songs sung by our musicians. I believe all of religion and all of science and philosophy and everything else manufactured by men is a construct of a multi-dimensional entity that we are connected to; in fact, we are that entity at the same time as being who we are as individuals; so we are all each other.

    Through our subconscious, we are connected to these other dimensions and other possibilities and even other periods of our own time line that overlay due to the spiral nature of time and the constant flux of both time and space.

    We are coming up on a turning point in the history of our kind as something that only happens every so often, well, happens. The connection between all realities is at a peak and people are being over-inundated by everything. We are hitting a pinnacle moment as minds become opened to new possibilities and new avenues; and what’s even scarier is that it’s not just our consciousness anymore that’s traveling, but actual physical objects.

    We notice them most with the small little things we like to keep. Set them down in a usual spot, go to look for them; they aren’t there. Look all around for them and can’t find them only to look in the spot you first looked and it’s right there.

    I personally have had an experience that was odd over such a trivial thing as rolling tobacco. One day, I had to go to a corner store to get tobacco; been there many times and they always carried it. The funny thing is that I was going with a friend and he told me that when he went there before, that they never carried any tobacco any of the times he had been.

    During the time I was with him, I walked into the store and there was no tobacco. No sign of it. Just the rolling tobacco. All of the other products were there. I went back a few days later and they suddenly had the tobacco again. When I went by myself.

    I think that we are constantly moving between alternate realities that are very similar to our own; constantly moving through something completely non-linear that we try to give order to. Our dreams and nightmares are made of impossible things; weird formations of land and structure that we recognize immediately.

    And that’s the strangest thing for me: the fact that I can remember my house and yard and neighborhood and everything else perfectly while I’m awake, but off in that land of nod, it becomes something infinitely ‘more’ than what it ever was.

    The walls are breaking down; have been for quite some time. Pretty soon, now, I believe humanity and all other life shall awaken to a reality we had completely forgotten about.

  • Raffyparong

    it most be the theory about whatever choice somebody made if they pick the other choice it will create a new parallel earth to what happened to the other choice or choices

  • Jose Luis Nunez

    Japan didn’t have the technological capacity to begin recieving european visitors again until approximately 60 years after WWII. It was only 80 years after WWII that Japan reached and surpassed it’s former glory.

    Also, I’m not sure why anyone would go to japan on a business trip 9 years after WWII, consider the country was practically a smoldering crater.

  • The Observer

    WWII ended in 1945. Are you telling me Japan didn’t have the technological capacity to receive European visitors till 2005?

    Also, is it hard for you to conceive that a businessman would travel to Japan in 1954 (9 years after WWII ended)? MacArthur and the Allied forces started rebuilding and rehabilitating the Japanese military, social, political, and economic infrastructure as soon as WWII ended, so it seems conceivable that businessmen from all over the world might have reasons for visiting Japan in (or around) 1954.

    Your comment that it was only 80 years after WWII (2025??) that Japan reached and surpassed its former glory makes even less sense, possibly hinting at the fact that YOU may be an inter-dimensional traveler – in which case, Welcome to Present Day Earth!!

  • Jose Luis Nunez

    acht. I apologize. 1980′s Japan, not 80 years after WWII. As for the rebuilding of japan after WWII under douglas mcarthur? You may be correct. A lot of technology and other infrastructure developments were given to japan very quickly. I find it hard to believe that this particular scene would have been viable precisely 9 years after WWII. But then… I’ve always had a somewhat skewed version of time.

  • The Observer

    Well, this is the internet, and it goes w/o saying that most things read here should be taken w/ a dash of skepticism. :)

    9 years is a long time, and the dubious aspects of the story aside, it seems plausible that Japanese customs officials could have received a person like this in 1954 – or at least had the capacity to receive international travelers at that point.


  • Jose Luis Nunez

    yeah. I guess that makes sense. I’ve always had a skewed sense of time, so 9 years doesn’t immediately jump out at me like that. But when I think about it, that’s an entire decade, approximately. Sometimes I’ve got to remind myself of all the progress that has happened in just the most recent decade.
    Of course, you’re right about the other dubious aspects of the story. It would be nice if this were true, but probably wouldn’t make that much difference either way, haha.

  • Avery

    Haneda Airport opened its international flights in 1952, so this event supposedly happened 2 years after that.

    Now, as to whether this actually happened, we’d need to write to Paul Begg and figure out where he got his information…

  • Jl Dela Cruz

    They said that the man is identical to us and his passport too right?, so i guess it did happen again or there is a possibility that the man went back to tokyo again,.

  • montefide

    Maybe japan won in his world…

  • montefide

    Interesting story. Ironically, this topic came up in a “round table discussion” at the White House with President Schwarzenegger (the son not the actor of course).