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When Animal Planted aired the special “Mermaids: The Body Found” last year there was a lot of talk both online and offline about the authenticity of the video that was shown. Take a look.

The video (looking much like an entry-level student film) was passed around online and many people believed it to be real. (Don’t ask me how)

This year, the Animal Planet team is back and with new video evidence of yet another “Mermaid”. Last year’s special was re-aired this Sunday with a live interview with the head biologist Dr. Paul Robertson.
Dr. Robertson and his team from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) investigate a possible Mermaid carcass that was found and the conclusion is that its organs and skeletal structure are unlike anything they’ve seen before. A crossbreed between humans and marine animals. The scientists in the roundtable discussion conclude that it must be a new form of evolved humanoid species that are very similar to dolphins.

Enter reality…

Dr. Robertson is actually Andre Weidman, actor. (IMDB). Hired by the television show to help them trick their audience into thinking that what they were watching on their screens was real. In fact, Animal Planet went a step further and used actual recorded underwater anomalous sounds from the NOAA databanks and weaved it into their mermaid story to lend some credence. The sonar sounds that were presented from the NOAA archives are real, but not mermaid related.


Why would Animal Planet do this? Ratings.

‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ brought in 3.6 million viewers that Sunday night. Making the telecast one of the most watched ever.

Animal Planet actively choses to make a mockery out of Cryptozoology. Even though it’s widely accept by many in the field that mermaids are just folklore, it still hinders the very little credibility and progress that has been made in the field. And for what? 3.6 million viewers? They sold their viewers intelligence alongside with their integrity. What a shame.

  • $30907396

    I dislike this mermaid stuff on Animal planet. There was a guy at work who legit thought it was true and still does.

  • Unwilling skeptic

    The videos and the story didn’t hang together. I think the producers of Animal Planet should hang separately for their calloused disregard for the public and assumption that the public is as stupid as they (the producers) are.

  • Boogie Ondown

    Here’s the thing with the mermaid story that most have missed. This fake story runs parallel to people coming to terms with humanoid aliens existing. UFOs fake? Fine. No aliens visiting now or the past? Fine. But the odds are this day will come for humanity when we run into another highly intelligent creature(s) and learn the universe isn’t ours. It’s a good War of the Worlds-ish practice run for some of the more gullible, but psychologists may want to study those that really think this is true to see how people react. I don’t think anyone quit their religion or committed suicide after seeing the show.

  • DW1

    I know a lot of people have come down on Animal Planet for this, but I have a question: Where were these people when the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet were producing documentaries on Dragons? How is it nobody complains about “Ancient Astronauts” ? People are and always will be fascinated by the unknown, and we’d like to think our ancestors weren’t crazy. And also, I’ve seen legitimate documentaries use similar techniques to ‘hook’ their audience, how is it that no one is complaining about that? Examples: “Big Al” ( the story of an allosaurus fossil) or the documentary about the Baby wooly Mammoth, which featured a CGI baby mammoth which wandered around the set as they discovered more and more about him bringing him back to ‘life’ ? What about “Planet of Lost Monsters” which speculated on the disappearances of Megafauna, just as mankind appeared? It showed mammoths and Saber-toothed big cats roaming through Los Vegas. I doubt very much people would be willing to watch two hours worth of a guy in glasses, drily shuffling papers and drinking water while he presented his pet thesis.

  • How long have you been reading on this site?

    Making fun of Ancient Aliens is one of our favorite past times. AS for the “Dragons” fakumentary, it was so bad no one could be expected to believe it.

    And what is there to complain about the legitimate documentaries? We know those creatures existed and for the most part we know they do not exist anymore. Those shows may have used effects to show what it might look like had those creatures survived to the present, where mermaids attempted to act as if mermaids were real. Though to be honest the problem is not with the documentaries, it is the people who watch them and do not know any better than to believe.

  • Rochelle Deckard

    One of the things that also confuses me is they have that show called Lost Tapes, it’s all fake but no one complains about that either. But once they post mermaids omg everyone loses it lol

  • Getting*Rich

    because mermaids are real been real since ppl were writing pictograms

  • Link

    I mean yeah it was obviously fake but it was still entertaining to watch >.>