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From Brazil comes this strange footage of an Unidentified Flying Object that’s said to have been filmed days ago over a rural area in Brazil. The object is high above the noticeable tree canopy and you can clearly tell that whatever the object is, it’s hovering at a great altitude.

The blue LED lights seem strangely familiar though. It looks a lot like the remote controlled airplane videos that are rigged with bright LED lights to prank others.
One thing I observed; The video below shows the lights blinking on and off in sequential order (at least from what I could tell). Take a look for yourself and you be the judge

  • da

    Xavier, I think the object it is small and close. There is a zoom and auto focus on the camera; when pointed at nothing, it goes to infinity. It then has to move in considerably to focus on the object. I don’t believe the foliage is the tops of trees; I think they are low shrubs. Look at 1:50. When the photographer focuses on the tip of the foliage, the object is almost in focus.

  • HOAX, justa a RC model with LEDs. Believe me, we know well the Brazilians

  • zeke

    I seen one like this near chicago in 2004, it was real and about 50 feet wide above some trees on the side of the road.