Nikola Tesla, Alien?

Nikola Tesla, Alien?

There seem to be people in every generation who are just smarter than the rest of us, and there is something about that which makes some people just want to cut them down for it, or take something away from those people, to make them seem smaller.

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” – Nikola Tesla

Over at a blog called Crop Circle Language, they are offering up the idea that Nikola Tesla’s accomplishments stem from him being an alien.

Nikola Tesla was an alien from the planet Venus (at its 5th density level). Tesla invented many things, including Radio (Marconi stole his design and is not the founder of radio). Mention is given of how Tesla, by use of some of the equipment he invented, was in contact with a certain race of ETs in the early 30s. He would talk to them almost everyday, and eventually this got the attention of the president at the time, and so finally a meeting was arranged by Tesla with the President and the aliens. They met in 1934 and the aliens offered to teach a new technology that would pull the US out of the great depression. This went on for a while until in 1939 the deal was broken and the aliens disappeared into the wood work.

So I am forced to wonder, what was this technology? Where is it? What inventions that came out of the 1930’s cannot be traced back through discoveries and developments in science and the technology of the time through the work of normal human scientists building upon the work of those who came before? Okay, Tesla obtained around 300 patents and had some very innovative ideas. Those two pretty much go hand in hand. Edison had over 1000 successful patents and more failed patents that Tesla’s successes. No one is claiming Edison was an alien!

Oh wait, Cheezburger is.

What were some of Tesla’s key inventions that altered how we live?
Most of Tesla’s  patents are centered around generating and transmitting alternating current.  Unfortunately  Tesla did not really invent AC, he just made it practical for daily use. Hippolyte Pixii built the first AC generator working on principles described by Michael Faraday. So unless the article above is referring to the 1830’s, then this is one category of invention of Tesla’s that can hardly be based upon Alien technology. But then Tesla developed his AC generator in the 1880’s anyway so it should not be considered in this discussion.

Let’s look at a list of inventions from the 1930’s.
These first are from Voices.Yahoo.Com

Wearable Hearing Aids
The oldest image I could readily find is from 1943

Clearly alien technology, using nothing more than technology already in use for radio since Marconi built his first on principles described by, uh oh, Tesla!

Nylon Stockings

Making life easier for silkworm’s bottoms everywhere, the invention of Nylon actually dates back to research going on at Dupont in the 1920’s. Dupont as one of the leading developers of polymers plays a huge role in the history of invention and leads us to our next topic:

Polytetrafluoroethylene, a fluorocarbon polymer discovered accidentally by Roy Plunkett at the Dupont company in the process of researching new safer refrigerants at the request of GM, for their line of refrigerators. Here is how it happened

Plunkett hypothesized that a new refrigerant could be made by combining tetrafluoroethylene, or TFE, with hydrochloric acid. During experiments, Plunkett and his assistant Jack Rebok used tanks filled with compressed TFE.

They stored these tanks in dry ice to keep the gas inside from expanding too much, and exploding.

On the morning of April 6, 1938, Plunkett and Rebok set up for an experiment. Rebok connected a TFE tank and opened the valve, but to both of their surprise, nothing came out.

Plunkett and Rebok weighed the tank to see if the gas had leaked out. Another surprise – the tanks were still full. They unsuccessfully tried to unclog the valve wire. Out of frustration, Plunkett took the valve off of the tank and shook it. White flakes fell out.

Plunkett immediately sawed the tank in half. Inside they found a white, waxy coating. Plunkett wrote in his lab book that, “a white solid material was obtained, which was supposed to be a polymerized product.”

The Helicopter
While the helicopter is pretty cool, it does not function on any principle we did not already have a pretty good understanding of since 1903. And while his invention would never work, Leonardo DaVinci described the basic principle of vertical flight in the 16th century.

Of course DaVinci’s design was really just an adaptation of the Archimedes screw, as is any modern propeller or impeller, and Archimedes did his bit of inventing alien technology in the 3rd century BC, not the 1930’s.

Here is my personal favorite on the list and the only one that, to me, is indicative of alien influence:

The ViewMaster!

What’s that you say, no reason to think the ViewMaster comes from alien technology?

Wadda ya say now smart guy?

Some other inventions of the 1930’s:

Birdseye frozen foods, the chocolate chip, fiberglass, neoprene, the cyclotron (atom smasher), vitamin C, FM radio, the Zippo lighter, the jet engine, instant coffee, and the ball point pen.

While you could argue that the cyclotron is a jump in the development of high technology (although it is really just a bunch of powerful magnets arranged in a circle) remember that the article above postulates that the alien inspired technology given us by Mr. Tesla was intended to pull the world out of the Great Depression. Cyclotrons are cool, but they really don’t, in any way, accomplish that. While many of the other inventions listed could be said to be beneficial to the economy in one way or another, none of them require any great leap in technology. Certainly not alien influenced technology.

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