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An Unidentified Flying Object was recorded by the Mexican Media company, Televisa, who monitors the activity of Mexico famous volcano, Popocatepetl.

The recording was done a few days ago and shows a bright object flying in from the distance and descending towards the active volcano. In the frames that follow we see the object turning at a sharp angle and plunging down into the thick smoke. Check it out:

HuffingtonPost had this to add to the mysterious footage:

HuffPost asked Dantonio, who creates special effects and is contracted by the U.S. Navy, Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, to weigh in on this latest video.

“What I think is that this is not a likely fake. I think, for the moment, this is a genuine image capture,” he told HuffPost in an email.

“This is a low light camera (which) allows the vulcanologists studying the footage to see any incandescence on the flank of the volcano in night shots. As such, any brighter lights that are captured will appear very bright, as the one planet/star indicates.”

Dantonio points out that the camera created a time lapse video of still shots put together.

“When played back at normal video speeds, the object is made to appear to be moving very fast, but, in fact, it is moving at aircraft speeds if you play it at the proper frame rate for the capture.”

While he admits the time lapse effect prevents confirmation that the object had wingtip strobes, which would help prove the terrestrial aircraft argument, Dantonio asserts that the flying object “is turning at a rate consistent with aircraft, but the case that it is descending is not at all made. In this case, the object is moving from right to left and appears to be descending, but it is exactly this behavior you see if an aircraft at altitude is heading away from you — this is the consequence of perspective and round Earth.”

The poor quality and slow frame rate of Televisa’s monitors can definitely attribute to the missing wingtip strobes on the video. Although interesting, I believe that what we’re looking at here is just a video of an aircraft patrolling the active volcano.

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    Look closer…The object does NOT turn at 90 degrees…It changes direction in a very obvious radius that terminates after completing a 90 degree course change…To imply that it makes an immediate right angled turn that no known aircraft can make is fantasy…Anyone who sees anything other than time lapse of a KNOWN aircraft changing course 90 degrees and flying off into the distance , or descending for an approach to an airport simply wants FAR too much to believe , and is ignoring obvious visual references.

  • B.Riley

    Planes don’t glow ,that’s correct…But passing through our atmosphere does create friction , and friction does create heat…And the camera was set up to capture thermal images…Wasn’t it??

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