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Over the years UFO lore has included sightings of all kinds. Often the credibility of the person filing the report is a key issue as there is rarely any physical evidence, even then evidence is controversial at best and almost universally anecdotal, which is to say there are stories about physical evidence, but it never manifests for study or public viewing.

Until recently
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E.T. Phone Insurance: Chinese Passenger Aircraft Has High Altitude Collision With “Unknown Object”

By on June 8, 2013@nuekerk


A Chinese flight was cut short earlier this week when the passenger aircraft had a high altitude collision with an “unknown object”, putting a heck of a dent in the hood and grounding the plane. Did a commercial aircraft get into a fender bender with a UFO?

On June 4th, Air China flight CA4307 took off towards Guangzhou, but just 40 minutes later, a mid-air collision with a mysterious foreign object resulted in “worsened performance”, and sent the flight back to its departure point.

When the aircraft landed, and the passengers were safely escorted off, maintenance crews noticed a huge dent in the nose of the plane, prompting an internal investigation into the incident that remains ongoing.

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not a bird could have caused a dent of that size, but according to aircraft control, the collision occurred at around 26,000 feet, an altitude with far too little oxygen for anything to survive unaided. Furthermore, there isn’t a drop of blood anywhere near the point of contact, something that occurs in almost every case of plane vs. bird collisions.

There are, however, paint transfer marks, which rules out another popular theory regarding collapsing air pressure in the nose. The plane did hit something, and whatever it was has some new white pinstripes.

Perhaps the plane hit a secret government drone? A wayward piece of falling space junk? A meteor? An unidentified flying object?

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I am not one to jump to conspiracy conclusions, but authorities in China, upon inspection of the damage immediately determined this to have been a collision with a bird. Evidence of the paint scrapes suggest it certainly was not a bird. If it had been another plane then I should suppose some wreckage would have been reported, some radar operator would have witnessed it. So, not a bird, not another plane, has anyone seen Superman lately?

There have been other cases of similar damage reported to airliners.

This was a reported bird strike, with no blood.

As was this Iberian Airlines collision.

This was another unknown object but damage was only discovered upon landing,

so impossible to determine when or at what altitude the actual damage happened. In the Air China case the report is:

The pilots flying the airplane contacted the control tower requesting an emergency landing due to “mechanical failure”

If there had been a mid air collision, then that is what they should have reported. Very different events and pilot radio procedure of pretty specific about making these sorts of declarations. If the pilots reported the plane was handling strangely 40 minutes into the flight, that does not mean that is when the collision happened. This damage to the nose will have an effect on the airflow around the plane and very possibly cause noticeable handling issues. If they tried to sort out the problem in flight and determined they could not solve it, and only then reported it and requested a landing, this collision could have happened quite near the ground.

What is different in this case is the paint scrapes across the dent. Analysis (if any) of that evidence will likely determine a terrestrial origin of the paint, which does not preclude the possibility of ET going to Les Schwab for a detailing, but until we know more, this case remains a head scratcher.

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  • The photos show plenty of flaked off paint. The close up of the nose also shows a distinctly different color on the surface inside the cone of the dent.

    I believe the quote about bird blood is:

    “there isn’t a drop of blood anywhere near the point of contact, something that occurs in almost every case of plane vs. bird collisions.”

    “…in ALMOST every case…” Nowhere is the word Always used.

    And be so kind as to post any quote that mentions invisible drones before you continue to accuse others of inventing evidence.

  • JetDoc

    Know much about physics? I’ve seen a sparrow destroy a tactical aircrafts canopy. An albatross would have destroyed this plane. Remember E=mc2.

  • pleng

    Birds at 2600 feet. I would like to what bird can fly that high?
    I hope our military intelligence will take notice.We don’t know what is the latest
    thing they reverse engineered and trying experiment with. What ever goes that high has to be man made or dragon…?

  • LaszloZoltan

    I seen to recall this one from before-I think this is old

  • Sue Marvin

    26 thousand feet up, birds don’t go up that high.

  • the truth

    let me tell you guys something. I mean seriously even if a pre-historic PTERODACTYL hit that plane it would not make a dent that big. How long does the government think they will keep on telling these ridiculous lies. They are being taken for fools. lol

  • Scott_McMan

    Are you serious? Have you ever seen a car in a 35 mph crash test? Now, imagine the car going 600 mph. A softball would cause such damage!

    Uhh OK, lets say it’s a space ship from the planet Faraway. They have the technology to travel across the galaxy, but they can’t avoid a passenger jet?

    Dude, you’ve been reading too many conspiracy sites.

  • Lisa

    One of the few birds to fly at such a high altitude is the Bar Headed Goose. Their range is right for this incident. However, I’m still skeptical that there were absolutely no remnants of birds found after landing, even if it actually happened at a lower altitude, where bird strikes are more common. Maybe for whatever reason Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum in the cockpit didn’t follow protocol right away. 40 minutes into the flight and the “worsened performance” comment sounds odd. Might be a translation issue, but doesn’t sound 100% to me. Another one we’ll probably not hear the bottom line on because of fear/butt-covering.