Abnormally Adorable Two Faced Kitten Born

Abnormally Adorable Two Faced Kitten Born

When you think of an animal with the defect polycephaly or more specifically diprosopus (having two heads or faces), a bizarre and macabre image usually enters your mind. In this case, it seems nothing could be further from the truth.

Stephanie Durkee of Amity, Oregon was no less than shocked when her cat gave birth to a two faced kitten. “Duecy” came out of it’s momma and immediately was ready to eat, just like any other baby. Unfortunately, momma wanted nothing to do with her new odd looking offspring, so Stephanie had to take over mothering duties including the old syringe feeding technique.

Here’s a video that proves Duecy to be just the opposite of what an ugly two faced monster should look like. In fact, Duecy is downright adorable.

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Despite being born with two faces, the kitten was pronounced fit as a fiddle after a vet exam. This is rarely the case as “Janus” (born with two faces) cats typically don’t live very long. Just last year a kitten named Harvey Dent, born in Port Charlotte, Florida lasted just two days.

According to Guinness, the longest living Janus cat on record is 13 as of last year. Born September 8, 1999, Frankenlouie (AKA Frank & Louie) was set to be euthanized when a veterinary technician stepped in and adopted the double dipped feline. This story may seem very familiar to some of our regulars and that’s because I did an article on Frankenlouie in 2011 as referenced in the “Associated Content” below.

Here’s wishing Duecy as long and as healthy a life as Frankenlouie. I wonder if this means she has 18 lives?

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