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Sometimes we at GhostTheory step beyond the boundaries of our typical subject-matter and bring you news or events that you might not normally see otherwise.

When I saw the subject of today’s article, I was so amazed and dumbfounded, I had to share it with GT land. Thank you in advance for indulging my love of creative minds and temporarily suspending your need for the unexplained.

Fiat is known for cutting edge and avant garde promotions. In fact, I’ve admired their outside the box approach for several years now. Hard pressed to keep coming up with ideas that challenge our senses, Fiat has pushed the envelope of creative manipulation beyond almost anything I’ve ever seen and in my opinion succeeded in doing so.

At first glance, this may look like a painting, or a wavy looking car after it hit some sort of barrier. However, upon closer inspection, you begin to see something more and if you didn’t stop to investigate, you’d never even know what’s really going on here.


Wait, is that a…? Am I looking at…? You guessed it, it’s the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio!

OK, as you zero in on familiar body parts, you realize it may be something more than that. I’m just going to say it! This car is constructed out of human bodies! This is gene-yus!

Imagine the logistics involved? I mean, where do you even start? How the H-E-Double hockey sticks did they figure this out? Well, we need not wrack our tiny brains trying to answer these questions, because we have a video!

Is that the coolest thing ever, or what? Considering what had to transpire in order to succeed in this endeavor, it literally boggles the mind.

If you missed the names, this was all the brainchild of ad director Dean Oram from the Richards Group. Along with body artist Craig Tracy and 30+ contortionists and circus performers, Dean brought this daunting task to fruition.

The Richards Group is also the brains behind the Fiat commercial where the hot Italian chick walks up to kiss the nerdy guy, but instead…Well, here, watch it yourself:

I’m not one who likes commercials, who of us is? However, when ideas like this come along, you can’t help but be impressed.

Note: No, I will probably never do this again as I am not in the business of providing free advertising, nor do I want to tee off our readers, but can you blame me? Don’t answer that! It was one of those retoolical questions.

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