UFOs or UFCs?

UFOs or UFCs?

China is one of the largest nations in the world, and one still engaged in the turmoil of its population transitioning from a closed and largely rural and agrarian economy to a modern manufacturing base.
So it is only natural that they will begin to catch up on the reports of UFOs as well, and reports of …other things.

From ShanghaiList.com

Shanghai UFO turns out to be cake-delivering plane

It didn’t create as much of a stir as the Shandong shithead man who claimed to have a captured alien in his freezer, but a small UFO floating over Shanghai’s Huangpu River garnered some attention recently until it was revealed to be a lazy man’s cake delivery service. Really.

The InCake Bakery turned out to be behind the extraterrestrial fervor, and they have posted this video of their airborne cake-deliverer in action:

According to China Daily, a local cake delivery company has been strapping its products onto remote controlled planes, and sending them across the river:

The “UFO”, which is 1.1 meters long and weighs 10 kg, crossed the Huangpu River in a 45-minute flight to deliver a cake to a customer, according to the bakery that was testing the device, which flies at a maximum height of 100 meters.

In related news, any readers near the Huangpu should keep an eye out for falling baked goods.

It just goes to show you CAN have your cake and report it as a UFO too.
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