Video: Paranormal Activity In Whitstable Shop

Posted by Xavier Ortega | July 25, 2013 12

shopPAThis interesting footage of a supposed poltergeist activity inside a small English store is picking up pace across the web. It was posted by one of GhostTheory’s readers, Patrick Asplund, on Facebook.


You can clearly see the first box of tea being pulled out of the shelf and then hang in mid-air while another box is flung from the opposite shelf. The patron, an elderly gentleman, reacts accordingly and picks them up. Not suspecting a thing, not even noticing the floating box of tea.

Strings? Computerized special effects?
What do you guys make of this?

Video showing products from a Whitstable shop levitating before crashing to the ground has sparked fears of a ghost wandering the aisles.

Shopkeeper Michelle Newbold said she is baffled after CCTV from the Whitstable Nutrition Centre captured two boxes of tea bags hover off the shelves while a customer browses unaware.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube, then shows them drop to floor and startle the man.

The High Street shop, which sells a range of natural products, has now become a viral sensation.

Ms Newbold said: “I was perplexed I suppose. I just couldn’t believe it.

“I have no idea about how it has happened. It is just a complete mystery.

“I have never seen anything like it since I’ve been running the shop. The customer never said anything and I don’t even know who it was.”

Ms Newbold runs the shop with her step-mother and father Michael Knowles, who has run businesses in Whitstable since the 1970s when he opened a hairdressers.

She said the footage has not changed her sceptical views on the paranormal – although she admits she has no idea how to explain it. –Source: Kent Online UK

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  • lindsay

    i think it’s attached to something due to the way the tea box falls on its side as opposed to straight down if it was just dropped.

  • IThinkso

    Dear ghost, so whats the point.

  • nava13

    the poin is to be scare of him

  • IThinkso

    Are u sure its not missy ghostette.

  • Larkie

    You can see a person dressed in black at the end of the aisle at the beginning, then he/she moves out of the frame to presumably go around to the back of the aisle behind the tea boxes. I think it was a set-up to try and spook the customer.

  • lindsay

    good eye!! i saw it after you pointed it out!

  • Kathy Stuart

    Yep I saw him right off. That doesn’t prove he was part of the hoax but it is suspicious.

  • Dcast

    This vedio does not convince me, totally fake.

  • MJ Kruger

    If you slow the video down and look at the other 3 monitors you will see that thee is now one on the other side of the isle that could have been able to do something and then move away in time. Your comments also only explain the box on the right, how do you explain the box on the left falling down. I think this video is pretty legit.

  • Ken Jukes

    LOL..Its part of a tv series called the Happening…Its all fake :)

  • me

    Just saw the episode:D

  • me

    I’ve just seen the episode:D,how the hell do these guys do it anyway?