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Jews Being Forced To Register In Ukraine

April 17, 2014 – 10:23 AM | One Comment | 601 views

This is not what we do here, but it is important enough that I am posting it.
From USA Today
Oren Dorell, USA TODAY 1:56 p.m. EDT April 17, 2014
Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk …

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Gary McKinnon: ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ & UFO Technology

Submitted by on August 4, 2013 – 10:30 AM90 Comments | 17,227 views

When Gary McKinnon gained access to the laptops of some of the United State’s top military officials he hit the jackpot.

He hacked into several computers in the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and NASA. What he found was what most of us have been looking for in our plead for government disclosure when it came to the UFO phenomena.

Most of the media’s coverage generally focused on McKinnon’s criminal acts and his extradition to the United States for a sentencing. The topic of UFOs and Aliens started to slowly leak out and was treated with very little regards, or at least that’s the way it played out for the Americans.

Two of the most interesting things about this was the Johnson Space Center photographs and the infamous Excel sheet.

McKinnon claims to have seen evidence of UFO-like technology and crafts in an album of unedited photographs that came from Johnson Space Center’s Building 8. While arial-view-johnsonhacking away, McKinnon found “processed” and “unprocessed” folders inside a government computer that contained close-up photographs of a cigar-shaped craft hovering above Earth’s atmosphere.

Then, there was Microsoft Excel sheet he came across with 20-30 names of governmental officials that was titled Non-Terrestrial Officers.

Check out this interview:

Here we have a man who was able to write a simple Perl script to brute-force his way into top level United States Military and NASA computers and find what we’ve all been waiting for. Proof of existence and participation with extraterrestrial beings.

It sounds like an episode of The X-files, doesn’t it?

I’m curious to know what the general consensus is on McKinnon’s case? What do you guys believe about it and what don’t you believe?

For all those who are for Disclosure and those who are believers of E.T.’s involvement with our human evolution, why did we all of a sudden sweep McKinnon’s claims under the rug?

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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

  • edlarson

    LOL! Your post is so full of errors that it’s not worth replying to. Here are a couple of hints for you though. Telnet is a transport method and has nothing to do with connection speed. I think that you meant ARPANET, DARPANET, or Arcnet, although I’m not sure which one you would be referring to. Even Arcnet had a throughput of 2 Mbps which is much more than the 1.44 Mbps maximum throughput of a T-1. So, what I said is still valid.

    The use of a proxy server would allow the hacker to cache huge amounts of data on the University system that he could then download at his leisure using a slower connection. Anyone with any knowledge of IT would have understood my statement.

    As for internet security go and look up DES and 3DES which were in use at the time.

  • Quark

    For any disbelievers out there please watch these 2 vids. The first is from Paul Hellyer, The Canadian Defence Minister & G8 member, which is good enough for me, Also, Bill Cooper who appears to have forfeited his life for revealing too much.

    Now that the 50 year secrecy embargo imposed on ‘workers’ since the 40/50′s is ending we are seeing overwealming evidents of what has been going on for the last 60 years or longer, so open your eyes folkes. The governments, in USA, in particular, are able to keep stuff secret through the use of private contractors who do not have the same discolsure requirements as governments, so they can do whatever they want towhoever they want. All I can say is that people who hide things do not do it because they are good honest people, quite the contrary, the chosen few controlling this are very dangerous people who you trust at your peril.



  • http://GhostTheory.com/ Henry

    Hellyer is a parrot who demonstrates not only no understanding of what the believer community feeds him to say, but little to none of what should be his own area of expertise, military technology.

    Cooper was a conspiracy theorist, AIDS/HIV denialist and tax evader who shot a police officer in the head while resisting arrest, and was in turn fatally shot in the course of those same events.

    If these are the people you turn to for information, then it is only amazing that the believers have not self destructed long ago.

  • Quark

    It is unlikely that a Defence Minister would make any claims
    without being pretty sure about his source and facts. People should make their own mind up based upon available information, In my opinion the evidence is overwhelming
    if people care to look. Unfortunately most people suffer from Normalcy Bias and only accept the unusual when it’s too later, people are creatures of habit and anything which challenges or interferes with their daily routines is ignored or ridiculed.
    Governments rely on this human weakness.

    Furthermore I have witnessed two unidentified object from a
    distance of about 150m on two occasions over a 40 year period. I do not need any qualifications to know what I saw was not man made.

  • IThinkso

    What I witnessed one morning around 4:00 am, which look alike UFO (fuzzy heavenly body) traveling at high speed in deep space, was actually a ballistic test.

  • Henry

    He claims in the interview at this link
    that aliens live on an unknown moon in orbit around Saturn. He also claims that aliens have given us microchip and Teflon technology, but will not give us any tech with military applications. You can barely name a piece of military tech that doesn’t use microchips, and Teflon is commonly used as a coating on ammunition for piercing body armor.

    He claims documents exist, in possession of government officials, yet has never once provided one, or anything other than his word for it. His word as shown above is clearly suspect.

  • Quark

    ok, I live in a rural setting in UK which backs onto open farmland and a small lake which is about 150m away. I witnessed a round bright white object which looked to be about 2m in diam. I saw this one evening when I was about 15 years of age. The object was just above tree level and made very fast moves straight up, then down, sideways. It then hovered over the lake then shot off. multiple sightingswere reported. 40 years later I saw theexact same think just as I eas going to bed. It was a very calm clear night, I initially thouight it wasa low flying aircraft but there was completesilence. It moved slowly at tree level, hovering over a house next to the lake, then close to the surface of the lake. I watched this for about 15 minutes before it
    meandered off across the country side. There were again multiple sightings reported in the press. At the time I thought about driving to it to get a photo, but it I was in dilema because by the time I had found my camera it may have disappeared so I just watched.
    Most sightings have an explanation and most people havce there own opinion. Some people are simply non believers. Unfortunately some people are just interested in spreading misinformation. The probability of other life forms, both advanced or otherwise is a mathematical certainty, in my opinion.

  • http://GhostTheory.com/ Henry

    A mathematical certainty is still a far cry from them visiting us, showing off their craft on a regular basis while remaining in hiding, occasionally sodomizing a trucker, and playing practical jokes on British farmers.

  • Quark

    Ha, ha. It is easy to play the devil’s advocate and ridicule others on this subject matter, who knows, you may even be paid to do it. I wondered whether you could share any sensible or interesting experiences you
    may have had without the need for sarcasm

  • http://GhostTheory.com/ Henry

    By sensible or interesting do you mean what you already believe? Does anything I said not reflect the exhibited behavior of what many reports claim to be alien activity?

    I have seen one UFO and through rational investigation determined it to be a Chinese lantern. Despite the many jokes on this site about Chinese laterns, that is what it was and many others in my region reported similar sightings which likewise were investigated and found to be mundane and terrestrial. I have also had a ghost experience which was clearly and easily explained as sleep paralysis.

    Does your analysis of your experience involve anything other than “I don’t know what it could have been, therefore it was aliens.”

    You want to accuse others of spreading misinformation, in part because they do not believe the same thing you believe. You offer not one fact beyond casual observation of light, yet you claim this to be sufficient to prove alien visitation. This is a common offering from the believer community. “I don’t know what I saw, therefore I know what I saw was aliens.” Who is offering mis-information?

  • Quark

    I can understand you not wanting to share your Chinese lantern and a ghost story. This my final comment on this matter. I have already considered
    other explanations such as meteor re-entry, natural events within the atmosphere and ionosphere or even an electrically charged plasma ball, although a
    supercharged lantern did not cross my mind. Since this occurred at low level in front of a hillside at relatively close range of 150m, where it moved silently and altered its direction of flight well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile; I concluded this was definitely an unidentified object. Does this mean it was unquestionably an alien vessel, of course not, could it have been an alien vessel, yes. It all depends on your broader view of the universe which undoubtedly contains endless surprises. Whilst most sightings are explainable a few are not, I for one keep an open mind rather than intentionally shooting down each and every argument regardless. Rarely do unequivocal evidence exists for anything in life but people are entitled to make up their own mind rather than take for granted everything the government tells you, strangely enough they have been known to lie.

    Similar, contradicting arguments for the existence of God apply, give me proof he exists? If he does who then created God? Is the bible just a story created by someone who just happened to be a revolutionary thinker well ahead their time?

  • http://GhostTheory.com/ Henry

    I do not believe in any god. And require the same evidence you ask for in that case for alien visitation.

    Nor have I espoused in any article simply taking for granted what any government says. I have repeatedly said to question, but question all sides not just those who contradict personal belief. This site is about questioning because only through questioning do we come to the facts rather than opinions.

    As for “not wanting to share,” my ghost story was one of the first articles I contributed to this site.


    The UFO had too little to offer to be worth contributing.

  • IThinkso

    Also hypothetically, if we remove the blue planet, E’arth (أرض), from the galaxical system, the numerical probability fails severely to bring it back.

    So, according to the scriptures there are only three intelligent creations, and among those only two are accountable for their actions. All genuine “Alien & UFO” distractional manifestations can be attributed to the rebellious among one of these two.

    Also, “The Utah UFO Display: A Scientist’s Report” has similar witnesses accounts just like yours, see if you can get hold of it in your local library, if you haven’t already.

  • arora

    The same ridicule could be lashed at your belief system, but do we knock you! Being self righteous about what others believe is so short sighted, you should be wearing a pair of telescopes!

  • Alan

    Edlarson, I have to agree with Read-A-Book. Exception to telnet. internet security back then wasn’t sophisticated. That’s the reason DOS isn’t around anymore. DOS made it easy to hack into windows operating systems because it provided a backdoor that wasn’t secured. Now this man isn’t a smarty by no means. IMG Files back then weren’t big. 10-100 kb maybe. as I aged one thing I do notice. Hard drives get bigger and so do the files.. Back when this guy did this a 10 megapixel camera was prob top notch stuff. This guy is an idiot because he hacked something and got no proof other then possible extradition for it.
    Think about this.. The charges were dropped and I think that’s the only thing that adds truth that he may be telling. One thing in America when you go to court anything you stole or seen or accessed is going to show up in court. Now if what he says is true that means when he went to court we would of learned about how nasa photshops images before showing us them.