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When Gary McKinnon gained access to the laptops of some of the United State’s top military officials he hit the jackpot.

He hacked into several computers in the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and NASA. What he found was what most of us have been looking for in our plead for government disclosure when it came to the UFO phenomena.

Most of the media’s coverage generally focused on McKinnon’s criminal acts and his extradition to the United States for a sentencing. The topic of UFOs and Aliens started to slowly leak out and was treated with very little regards, or at least that’s the way it played out for the Americans.

Two of the most interesting things about this was the Johnson Space Center photographs and the infamous Excel sheet.

McKinnon claims to have seen evidence of UFO-like technology and crafts in an album of unedited photographs that came from Johnson Space Center’s Building 8. While arial-view-johnsonhacking away, McKinnon found “processed” and “unprocessed” folders inside a government computer that contained close-up photographs of a cigar-shaped craft hovering above Earth’s atmosphere.

Then, there was Microsoft Excel sheet he came across with 20-30 names of governmental officials that was titled Non-Terrestrial Officers.

Check out this interview:

Here we have a man who was able to write a simple Perl script to brute-force his way into top level United States Military and NASA computers and find what we’ve all been waiting for. Proof of existence and participation with extraterrestrial beings.

It sounds like an episode of The X-files, doesn’t it?

I’m curious to know what the general consensus is on McKinnon’s case? What do you guys believe about it and what don’t you believe?

For all those who are for Disclosure and those who are believers of E.T.’s involvement with our human evolution, why did we all of a sudden sweep McKinnon’s claims under the rug?

  • Guest

    first video doesn’t exist and u posted that 2 months ago, that’s so fucked

  • Darren

    Military definition of Terrestrial is on or under the ground. Non-terrestrial could be space, sky or ocean.

  • john gage

    Most educated comment I’ve read in a long time. Yes, people are creatures of habit and they want to be comfortable. Anything or anyone that challenges “Normalcy” is pushed out by the mediocrytes because it makes them uncomfortable. 99% of our society buys into the norm and just wants to be comfortable. If you’re part of the 1% who think independently, you’ll spend you’re entire life swimming against the current. However, you’ll be stronger than those who swim with the current. My thoughts: screw the one’s who swim with the current. Defy them. the best luck to find on 1 space, is that first mama weather realize they have no control over you. Think independently and dream big 🙂

  • Alexander Forbes II

    You asked for proof… Biblical: Follow the creation of Eve from Adams rib. Simple proof that the author understood the proper sequence of events, right down to Bone Marrow for DNA for initiation of the cloning process. God made some changes along the way, but in essence ‘cloned’ Adam. More advanced responses would require one to be more of a Borean, and being that only a few prophetic writings inside the text remain to be fulfilled, I will give you a few to watch for, kind of a test of the near future. Isaiah 17 is a very unique one that describes the fall of Damascus, as a ruinous heap, and Isaiah 19 can be fulfilled by the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam…

    Science: The simple mathematics of the creation of a single genesis DNA strand in the is far outside the realm of what science considers to be possible. Amusingly one single usable protein properly bonded to another is outside the realm of mathematical possibility as a random happening…

    Intelligent Design perhaps, personally I prefer God, Aliens, (if they exist,) don’t tend to accurately predict the future…

    This is my belief, and not a commentary. Just a simple two minute response to a request for proof.

  • remmetlee

    None of this matters. Aliens interested in us and our world will not communicate with us yet because our political and social tech is so limited. Throw down your masters and learn a new Way: the Way upward.

  • remmetlee

    What you call god and what others call alien are indistinguishable. The only difference lies in the intensity with which one clings to the desperate hope that there is a safe place, a solution to all pain and discord. The True Architect challenges us and never deceives us; the One God sayeth, “Survive and grow.” Mark now the truth which I give unto you: your holy books do not contain the Great Creator. Seek the true God, or else pray to a false deity of your own misunderstanding, and thereby fall prey unto it.

  • Gwen Hyde Sicuro

    I seen a cigar shaped space craft fall OT of mooch mach, 1232010orbit and there were other witnesses.too. so its good to meet you . I have readings.

  • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy

    many military installations in the 90’s had fiber optic comm lines…my 56K modem was faster than those who werent on fiber optic lines….just sayin

  • Rhonda Shaw

    it’s 4/22/16 all youtube vids have been removed supposedly copyright ass!

  • Jeckel

    What a huge crock of bull. This guy hacked into government computers, but didn’t bother to even get a screenshot? Even the dork character on Hackers was smart enough to copy a garbage file. This guy is either lying or he is the biggest idiot to ever use a computer. To use the well know internet cliche: pics or it didn’t happen.