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I always thought I might commit suicide someday. When I considered the options of living to be old and all the negatives associated with that alternative, I knew there was no way on earth I was going to allow myself to deal with such an intolerable situation. In order to guarantee that I avoided it, I also knew that I had to commit the act before I was incapacitated and unable to carry it out.

Note: This may be too much for some and I certainly don’t recommend it for children or those who are unstable. It also may scare the crap out of certain people. In many cases, I would say that if you fear reading it, then don’t.

A sports writer named Martin Manley committed suicide on August 15, 2013 at the age of 60. He wasn’t sick or depressed, he wasn’t financially strapped or mentally deficient. You’ll have to read to find out why.

You may have a definite opinion of Mr. Manley in your mind right now, but as you read, I guarantee your mind will be changed many times before you finish.

Why am I posting this? Because it’s macabre, scary, thought provoking and ponders life and death while touching on all those areas we are all so terrified of.

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If you have clicked over to Mr. Manley’s site, you already know there are several other categories to read. Those who can handle it should read the entirety of the site.

Mr. Manley made a choice and it’s possible that he’s started something that will prompt actions from others in his age group. When you are young, life seems to be never ending. You are full of health and vitality, just starting out on a big journey. However, deep down in places we don’t want to know is the reality of where life ends up for most of us. Mr. Manley didn’t want to end up there.

I can’t say I admire him, but I also can’t say that I blame him. It’s definitely a profound moment of reality to read such a thing as Mr. Manley wanted to examine life in all it’s brutal truth.

It certainly will cause me to think……

I’d give Mr. Manley my usual credit link, but I don’t think he cares at this point.