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The ice-cold breeze coming from the dark and the millions of human remains would be your only companions inside the paranoia-inducing labyrinth that is the Paris Catacombs. Getting lost in the subterranean world that exists beneath the City of Lights would most certainly end in death.

In the early 1990s, a man decided to explore the catacombs by himself and descended below the bustling city streets accompanied only by his camcorder. As he kept walking deeper into the catacombs and filming each step and turn he took, it becomes clear that he begins to panic as he realizes he is utterly lost in the maze of bones and vertigo sets in.

The following footage comes from a camera that was found years later when some urban explorers descended down the catacombs. They had come across a camcorder laying on the ground. Battery discharged and tape completely full. What they found on the tape are the last unnerving minutes of the man who vanished inside the Parisian Catacombs.

  • emmy

    anyone know where i can find just the footage. without editing or someone explaining it in the backround. i cant find it xc

  • Chris

    Hello… anyone here realize that this is from an episode of “Scariest Places on Earth” ?

  • Ben Fenton

    Ever heard of The Blair Witch . . . . ?

  • Catacombs

    Isn’t this just a hoax? The Video wasn’t even a full clip

  • Jim Kirk

    What a load.

  • Keith Taylor

    So no evidence apart from the tape. No recovered body, known missing persons report of who it might be. Just it’s definitely real because we found footage of it supposedly happening. If i was familiar with parts of the catacombs and knew certain places where frequented, even irregularly, it would be easy for a few or even one man to arrange. stir up a buzz, freak some people out …… Anyone have any other/new info on this please???

  • Elke I’mstillstanding Park

    really that is what I am looking for also every time I click on something it’s this guy explaining it and I don’t want to hear his theories on it I just want to see the original footage.

  • Cutter Driftwood

    Just so you know that’s not a child’s voice doing the narration!! That is the woman who played the “Cleanser” in the original Poltergeist movie. “This house is clean” I believe was her big line!