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A Chinese village has been under siege recently, held hostage by a rodent.

Villagers in Shaoyang, in China’s Hunan Province have been terrorized by a giant rat, nicknamed, “Ratzilla”. The unnatural freak rat kept them on their toes as it rampaged thru the village, eating whatever it pleased.

That was until local farmers had seen enough of Ratzilla and cornered the gargantuan beast, killing it in the process. Seen below is the now dead terror rat. At over 3 feet long and 11 pounds, Ratzilla was 10 times the size of an average rat.


Farmers decided to eat their bounty, but broke two knives trying to carve it up. Here’s a more demure view of the furry little guy:


Rat is a tasty treat in Guangdong, southern China and is often used in soups and other dishes. In Louisiana, ‘River Rat’ or ‘Nutria’ is very popular with Southerners and not a far stretch from our friend Ratzilla.


Yeaa-boy! Now, wouldn’t he be extra good eatin?

By the way, upon further investigation, “Ratzilla” seems to be the moniker given to pretty much every rat that grows to such proportions and there have been a few.

Truth be told, if one of these things jumped out of my garbage, I’d likely have an accident in my pants!

Content provided by Yahoo UK News.

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  • That is a big rat!

  • Smogg

    I want to pet it

  • radioredrafts

    Nutria are originally from Australia. It’s not outside the realm of possibility for some to make it to mainland China. It would take only one accidental boat trip.

    BTW, they are good eatin’. 😀

  • radioredrafts

    My bad, I meant to type ‘South America’. 😐