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Posted by Xavier Ortega | October 17, 2013 22



A few days ago Reddit user /u/themisnthrope posted a truly creepy story. The typical ghost story you’d expect at a Halloween party except that in this case, an unnerving photograph exists that sends chills down the spines of those who’ve seen it. Here is their entire thread taken just a few days ago:


Here’s the photograph that was sent to /u/themisnthrope just days after he had heard the story.



The cropped image offers an chilling look at the figure of a girl inside a house, her dark eyes looking ominously at the camera. The family in the photograph are the ones who believe that a spirit of a young girl haunts their home. Whether it’s a hoax or not, I leave that up to you. Sweet dreams!


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  • Josh Savell

    Believe its photoshoped, look at the edges of the girl. The edges are thick and super dark which implies it was cut out from a darker background.

  • Cathy Creswell

    Nah, Josh. Check out how the orangey shirt the ‘ghost’ is wearing can be seen thru both the upper and lower panes of the screen door. Hard to photoshop an outdoor reflection over an image of a person, don’t you think?

  • Adam L

    Actually it’s not hard at all.

  • Cathy Creswell

    You must have some mad photoshop skills, then!

  • Adam L

    I do, but it’s not hard to do with layers, opacity settings and filtering

  • Cathy Creswell

    OK, good to know. I guess with CGI and really good photoshop it’s easy to crank out these fakes and hoaxes. Good to have guys like you who can spot them.

  • Jon

    Thats the thing. Just because it can be done with photoshop does that mean that it definitely was? Are we to just dismiss every single ghost photo as photoshop now? I mean if everyone were to be that cynical whats the point of talking about it at all? (not having a go at you by the way)

  • Cathy Creswell

    Yeah, disappointing that ‘the real thing’ might not be out there, just fakes. Or the real thing mistaken for a fake.

  • Wofro Ganto

    This may well be photoshopped, but an even simpler explanation would be that it is in fact just a person standing there. There is no reason to believe that it is a ghost. It’s to some degree acceptable to take anecdotal evidence at face value, assuming the person relating the anecdote is trustworthy, but when you step up and try to produce “harder” evidence a greater level of scrutiny is required.

  • RJ

    I look at that, and the one thing that comes to mind:

    “Let’s show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown!”

    — Dr. Peter Venkman, showing people how to properly deal all things Paranormal since 1984.

  • radioredrafts

    The top part of the “ghost” is someone in the house.

    The bottom part of the “ghost” is a reflection of the person holding the camera.

    So we have two people, giving the illusion on being one “ghost”.

  • radioredrafts

    Or maybe not, now that I’ve noticed the leaves’ reflection over the bottom half of the body. Nonetheless, I see nothing to convice me it’s not a woman wearing sunglasses.

  • alanborky

    That was my take at first until I noticed the upper two thirds of the window seems to be obscured by some sort of semi-translucent fabric based screen which made me look closer and I’m pretty certain I can see round the shoulder region of the figure the same crinkly gold patterning more visible lower down.

    I have to say though if that’s the ghost of a young girl then it’s no wonder she died she looks like she lived a really rough life an’ died as a result of swallowing the local Walmart to compensate.

  • IThinkso

    “Yeah right! …whatever.”

  • billinga

    The dark eyes look like 70’s Jackie O sunglasses to me.

  • Holly Redmond

    It looks like Kim Jong Il! LOL

  • Adam L

    And I thought it was the ghost of Elvis back from his Hawaii tour.

  • Carolina

    The eyes look like sunglasses, like billinga said. And to me it looks like a grown woman.

  • LesMc

    Probably, but the lenses don’t appear to be the same size or shape.

  • anonomyssy

    It looks so fake…call me crazy, but I don’t buy it. It looks like someone’s aunt in the beehive with dark circles painted around her eyes…I want to believe…but not this.

  • Mariana Fuzaro

    pure crap. sorry. I wal looking to some COOL ghost pics, fake or not.

  • Lord Amon

    “Government Conspiracy To Cover Up The Existence of Ghosts” I’ma callin’ in.

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