Icelandic UFO

Icelandic UFO

Here is a video reportedly from Iceland, of a glowing ball suddenly appearing in the sky at low altitude over a small town, descending slowly and vanishing near ground level. The text that describes the video is translated, so a bit strangely worded.

Published on Oct 1, 2013

Strange light ball. Akureyri Iceland. English-Dansk.
Sat on my chair and studied a live webcam on Iceland in the city Akureyri. I got the movie live at that time d 29 September 2013 and discovered a strange glowing ball falling from the sky. It’s not a helicopter or a plane, clear to see. I have had the opportunity to believe it is a kind of drone. The ball lands in a garden and you can see that it is as if there is a fire in a short time just after it landed or dropped. I do not know what it is but it looks quite interesting. Maby something climate experimental, military…

The first thing that strikes me is that while the ball of light has an obvious halo around it, it does not seem to otherwise illuminate its surroundings as it approaches the ground as the streetlights do. Then there are vehicles passing nearby, visible by their headlights, which seem to not react at all to a bright light approaching the ground. If you look on Google Earth, you will find there is an airport not far outside of the area in the video.

If that has any bearing on the video, I don’t claim to know, but it is worth note. The light does not behave as you might expect a flare would, hanging from a parachute and swinging. A meteor would be moving much faster, likely leaving a trail, and show definite signs of impact, as well we might expect to have heard about a meteorite impact in a town on the news. Then, we probably would have heard about any glowing bright object landing coming to earth on the news. This video has several red flags that call it into question.

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